Hey, I’m back from Sydney,

Hey, I’m back from Sydney, and lucky for me I missed all the 41C tempratures up here in Brisbane. Funny thing is, all the heat has gone south, so now I have missed it in Sydney too.
Anyway, Sydney was fantastic, I really enjoyed spending time with friends and making new ones. In particular, I met one young lady who has a stong call to intercessory prayer on her life. I felt truly blessed to have communicated to her how I felt about the role of prayer within the wider church community and we both experienced a great degree of resonance in our conversation. I’m excited about next year, God is starting to show me the small part that I may play in finding and encouraging intercessors within my sphere of influence at Hills. I’m not sure how it will all turn out, and I know its not good to pre-empt Gods plans, but I’m looking forward to discovering not only all that he has in store for me, but how I can impact those around me.

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