Hi, I know its been

Hi, I know its been a while since I last sent a post to my site, but hey! Things have been mega busy with college. This last week I have been working at the Hillsong Womens Colour Conference here and Sydney, and I’m having a total blast! We have been very busy running around setting up all the coffee stations and food. I have even had my own small but very powerful team of students helping setup. I was so lucky to have Mark, Helen, Alan and Kety helping me and it was quite a humbling opportunity to lead these great people because any one of them could have led the team too. As well as helping catering for Colour, college has been going well. When I counted 12,000 words that I had to type for all my assignments (9 in total!), I nearly died! But I just need to consistently chugg away at them and hopefully I won’t fall into a weaping mess at the end of term when everything is due. Please pray for me that I can get it all done in time.

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