Just watched “The Lord Of

Just watched “The Lord Of The Rings”… WOW, let me spell that backwards… WOW! I am amazed at how Peter Jackson has (seemingly) so effortlessly created this cinematic masterpiece. The sets were brethtaking, the dialogue riveting and the battlescenes enthralling. I am amazed, and deffinatly this years standout movie for me. The parallels between the bible and Tolkiens masterpiece are many, subtly crafted into a storyline that has formed the basis of Fantasy and Science-fiction for half a century. The similarities between Star Wars and LOTR are many as well, no doubt Lucas was a fan. In fact I would even be so bold as to say that Star Wars is pure fantasy. My reasoning is that Star wars could have been set in a Medieval time but still contain precisly the same plot. The essence of Star Wars is not in “Scince” but actually in a fable. Thats why so many people like Star Wars and not Star Trek, whereas Trekers are drawn to science, while fans of Lucas’ epic are drawn to the fable, not the science. Trekkers are of course drawn the the fable of Star Wars like any other movie with a good plot, but are also drawn to the science as well (though there is little of it, when you think about it, space and starships and storm trooper armour are mearly props and not essential to the story).
Ha! Just some thoughts about a masterpiece that I hope will help people to re-evaluate their destiny or “higher purpose” and find Jesus. Can someone find Jesus in this movie? … I hope so 🙂