Wow, to say I’m relieved

Wow, to say I’m relieved is an understatement.
The Coalition has been returned to office. I have a feeling that this has been a major victory and will see the church grow and flourish in Australia over the next five years. People in Australia are concerned about our security, defending our borders, and fending off a world wide recession. I know that our country is in good hands.

If concerned Christians around our country continue to come before God, humble themselves and pray and turn from the forces of wickedness and immorailty that have come against our nation for so long, I know God will hear from heaven and all the promises that he has made known to us through his prophets will come to pass.

I know we are on the cusp of seeing some hugely amazing things over the next few months. We can’t stop now, stumble into apathy or a “She’ll be right mate” mindset. We have a tough road ahead of us we need to be constant in coming before God and defeat our pride, arrogance and self-righteuosness. God wants pure hearts, and a Christ like desire for compassion for those less fortunate than ourselves.

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