Hiyas, It’s been a while

It’s been a while I know, I somehow managed to break my blogger template, and I havn’t had the mind to get around to fixing it properly!

Anyway, college has been going well, God has been on my case about issues in my life I need to deal with, such as self discipline in my prayer life and more consistency in reading the word of God. The last few weeks have been pretty cool, I have been really enjoying getting into more and more work in the IT Department at Hillsong Church. The group of guys there are fantastic to be around. Today I spent a bit of time putting together a windows wallpaper and screensaver to be deployed on all the church computers next week. It should look really cool.

I have been really looking forward to seeing the new building get finished here at church. It’s going to seat 3,500 people which means that conceivably, over one weekends 6 services, we can have 20,000 come to church! Of course many people go to multiple services on a weekend and quite a few go to all services, but it gives the church more room to grow compared to our current 1500 seat auditorium, which only took 5 years for the church to outgrow! have a look at pictures here.

Anyway, I hope to continue keeping my site up-to-date now that I have my blogger.com template setup correctly!