I learn’t something really cool

I learn’t something really cool at College this morning for when I am pastoring my own church.

Essentially, I learn’t that rather than trying to push vision onto people and focus too much on my own vision or the churches vision, I should instead try to get them to promote the vision they feel God has for them, in their own life. I learn’t that what follows after is a desire in people to follow the vision of the church. Basically, When I’m leading my own church, I need to be big enough to allow people to flourish and even be bigger than me.

Does this make sense? Essentially, by allowing people to flourish in what God wants for them and the vision He has for them, the desire to serve and build Gods church follows and is strengthened because the desire God has placed in their heart is being satiated, even though they might be serving a larger vision that God has placed in the senior pastor.

I know this might seem contradictory, but rather than seeing things that people do in the church as threatening to my leadership, I need to look at ways of integrating these desires as they fit into the overall vision of the church.