God’s Grace

I’m constantly amazed and in awe of the amazing grace that God has given us. Even when I look at myself, someone who naturally speaking has little on the side of gift, for some reason being used by God in His purposes. I don’t really understand why, only God see’s the potential I have. But even I can see, as bereft as I am of any sustaining worth fulfilling all the purposes He has for me.

What an amazing thing, that humanity, who tries to find all it’s answers in science and the arts cannot begin to replace the majesty of God’s creation. We come feebly before God in abject poverty and destitution and yet He chooses to lift us up as hairs of the living God.

In all our technology and artistry, we have constantly through the ages sort to elevate ourselves in the place of God. I can imagine how God see’s us, clinging desperately to the natural, to what is easy and knowable and understandable, looking for wisdom that in the end never satisfies our existence.

How God must desire for us to embrace Him! To look for knowledge in His inspired word, to seek understanding by His spirit. He pours out wisdom liberally on us, and yet we spurn every effort on His behalf to give us what we need to make our lives successful, fruitful and beneficial, not only to the prosperity of our own soul, but also the prosperity of others.

I can see how God see’s me, someone who can surmount every obstacle, challenge and mountain on life’s journey. I have come to an understanding of His will for my life. To continue to follow and serve Him and build His church irrespective of the circumstances of life.

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