Cells @ City

The last week has been an awesome week for me in terms of involvement with the Cells department at church. I have been thinking really hard about how to get new cell leaders established more quickly and people joining their groups.

I think that getting cell leaders into our welcome lounge and maning the cells desk after church services is a great way to get them out meeting new people and inviting them to cell.

I’m hoping that over the next few weeks we can put together a strategy that not only trains the cell leader, but also enables them to proactively grow and multiply their cell group.

Also, we now have a new cells co-ordinator who is based in the city on the weekends. Natalie Korkor will be working out at Hills and attending the City worship centre. It will be great because she can be across both worship centres which has some great advantages! She is going to do an awesome job!

Anyway, I’m really encouraged how everything is going. We now have an awesome weekend cells team that is growing fast. Everyone has such a great attitude and desire to serve in whatever way possible.