Spinifex Dad


This is me with my Dad in December 78′. Dad is an amazing Pastor and preacher of the word! He’s been doing it for nearly 30 years! Wow, if I can accomplish half the thing that he has in his ministry I will be a very satisfied man.

  • Worked as a missionary to the aboriginal people of central Australia, built many houses, ran a phenominally prosperous trucking company and saw one of Australias largest cattle stations compelely taberculosis and Brucolocis free by the time he finished in 1982.
  • Worked in Northern Queensland as the regional Education and Training officer for a very large area.
  • Moved the family to Brisbane in 1987 where he took up a post as a pastor and not long after as the senior pastor of Logan Uniting Church
  • Planted a church out of Logan Uniting at Carbrook in 1989, it became it’s own parish in 1993 and Dad moved on to be the Senior pastor there, it then became Calvary Family Church.
  • At Carbrook, Dad established a vision for a K to 12 school as well as Aged care facility and church facilities.
  • In 1996 Dad and Mum felt the call to leave the Uniting Church due to the Uniting Churches stance on sexuality, open relationships and the ordination of Gay clergy.
  • All of his leadership team left with him
  • All of his church congregation left with him
  • Calvary Family Church was established with the word of God as it’s foundation
  • Mum soon came on board to co-pastor the church with Dad
  • from 1996 – 2004 the church has grown from 250 on the role to over 900 on the role

And! I can only say that the best is yet to come. Dad has extraordinary gifts with an incredible capacity to build into, lead and mobilize people.

It’s going to be wonderful to see what else he will achieve in this lifetime.

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