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Hey if there are any fellow Hillsong weblog writers, let me and susan know about it and we will let you know when we are going to meet. Probably an informal get together somewhere in Sydney! Its a real opportunity to get together with like minded people who use technology to advance the Kingdom of God.

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  1. sarahjoy

    ah.. let me know when this is happening.. will be awesome to meet everyone else who blogs.. :) since i know only a handful of hillsong bloggers!! :)

    cheerios.. hope you enjoyed church on the weekend!


  2. Heather Durkee

    Hello Matt- I came across your website not too long ago when I was looking for students who attend Hillsong International Leadership College. I am wondering if you could answer a few of my questions! 1. What is the size of the college? 2. What is the environment like? 3. Do you know anything about the worship and creative arts track?? Is it great??? Challenging?? 4. Is it difficult for people from the US/Canada to move down there and go through the process to get there? Is finding a place to live challenging for those who come from other countries? 5. How challenging are the academics? 6. Is it a really hands-on college? 7. Do you know if you could just pick a whole bunch of classes that you want to take and not stick to a planner if you’re not interested in a degree?? (or already have one?) Thanks for your help. I have already graduated from college and have a degree in Music Ministry (vocal emphasis). Right now I am currently pastoring while my husband is on his internship. He has 1 year left and we are looking to go to the college to study Worship & Creative Arts & my husband would like to take a lot of the tech/sound/production classes. Thanks for all your help. I enjoy your blog! God’s Blessings on you as you serve him in ministry– Heather Durkee

  3. Jozine

    Hey there, great website! Just wanted to let you know that I am also keeping a blog and am a student at Hillsong College. Though my website is in Dutch you are more than welcome to have a look around :)
    I’m also interested in other Hillsong bloggers, though they seem of a rare breed on the net. I understand, b/c we are busy enough around here…
    For those of you who are considering HILC, do it! It’s life changing, breath taking, world shaking good! I am a 2nd year student and honestly believe it’s the best thing I could have done for myself since becoming a Christian…

    God bless, Jozine

  4. Darren

    hi there saw your profile and blog spot now that all the hype has died down what did you end up doing with your career after college I mean did you land a really cool job with it
    what were the fees like and do you think you got value for money


  5. Raiani Sibien

    I’m thinking to go to college hillsong-(england),but still..I don’t know!I am from brazil and I very like their.I would like more informations about this college. Thanks!!

  6. Tanya Ryman

    hi there,
    Great blog its so refreshing getting an inside look at the life of a Hillsong College Student. I myself attend Hillsong and am so happy to see that you enjoyed ur time with us and are using it to uplift ur own church community. I have always felt a kinship with the students of Hillsong College as they were the tools the lord used to bring me to church and ultimately my salvation. I had spent my enitre life (38years) as an athiest till the day Hillsong Street Teams first knocked on my front door – at first i tended to say no thanks and close the door. However they slowly but surely softened my heart to the idea of going to church if only to check out what all the hype was about. That was 2 years ago and i havent looked back – im now so inlove with the lord and what he has done for my life. So i guess why im writting this lil email is to say that yes the work of Hillsong College Students and particulary Street Teams does impact the community in a huge way (i now work for street teams myself – and love it sooo much). So thank you and ur fellow students for dragging me to church in the first place and therefore changing my life for all eternity. My life is getting better every single day and as brian says – the best is yet to come!!!

    Be Blessed
    Tan xxx

  7. Caleb

    wow, it is very hard to find fellow hillsong students. even when googled or blingoed, they ARE rare creatures. i have not left for school yet, so am still ground in my native USA. i am so looking forward to going. God is amazing and has really placed HILC on my heart. i hope i can reach someone through this blogging and maybe get to know some people before i get down there, but if not, then i will have a fun time meeting them in person in a couple of months….lol. God bless!

  8. Joelpiano

    bless u all, hey matt u r so amazing, and my desrei is that God makes the best out of u..

    I’m JOEL, and by HIS grace I just gpt a student visa to study at hill;song after being denied 2 consecutive times, of a truth Gods time is the best, there is nothing more fulfilling than God leading and approving whatever plans u have, my joy is not just b,cos i’m coming to hillsong, but that God is in support of it…I really wwant to meet old and new studenmts from hillsong, so as to build good relationships and also get suitable and low priced accomodatio,,God bless u all real gooooooooooooooooooooooooood..Joel..

  9. Adriel

    Hey! All! I’m Adriel Brian Schisler, born in Uruguay of American – Argentine parents (pastors and missionaries) I’m enrolled to start Hillsong C. in January and I’m like super nervous about accomodations! I do need a single room in suite and have not found any, nor does the College offer or promise anything of the sort. So, PLEASE! ANY COMPASSIONATE SOUL OUT THERE WHO CAN GIVE ME THE RIGHT STEER OR EVEN HAVE SUCH A SETUP AVAILABLE?! My e-mail is
    ksisler@adinet.com.uy Super thanks!


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