the dawn of tvblogging

I had a brainwave today!

How about a way of blogging small TV snippets up to your weblog?

When you see something on TV that you want to blog about, simply click a button on your remote and your home theatre PC saves the last 30 seconds of video at a web friendly data-rate and resolution. Then, using XML-RPC, the video is transfered up to your website to your favourite weblogging software like WordPress, MovableType or Blogger!

All it would require is some software running on your HTPC (Home Theatre PC) that handles the TV capture and video compression to say quicktime, windows media video or MPEG-4, as well as modules that handle the weblogging of the content and ftp of the video up to a web server.

All that needs to be done later when you are at your PC is to add content to the post.

Could you imagin a plugin for MythTV that does this?

How cool would it be to see something on the news and add comment for it on your website?

anyway, it’s just a thought. All it would take is a talented programmer who is into weblogs and weblogging to catch onto the idea!