I’m trying to find an RSS to email generator that will send an email
with all my posts for the week to a subscription list.

Try as I might I can’t find anything much like this. It seems like a
cool idea to be able to automatically generate a weekly newsletter and
send out only the abstracts with a link for each post.

You could even order the posts in the email by popularity, activity
(comments) etc with the top post as the headliner (this would of
course need to be integrated as a plugin into WordPress).

And it would be fully templatable and format HTML emails.

Anyway, it would make a great companion to a weblog, and could work
with any RSS or ATOM complient weblog or news system.

It’s just a matter of finding something that does it…

2 thoughts on “emailBlogging

  1. Keith

    Blogger has a primitive form of this built into it … at least, it will e-mail a copy of your latest entry to a given e-mail address at the time it’s posted. Presumably you could enter the e-mail address of a list-serve and it would send to everyone on the list. Sorry I can’t help you beyond that; I’m a user and not a programmer.


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