Gold Coast


I can’t quite believe it’s finally happening, but my long held dream (some 5 years now) is finally becoming a reality. It’s funny that I was wondering earlier this year how God was going to get me to the Gold Coast! Well, the last 6 weeks have been a bit of a rollercoaster. I’m now part of an awesome team, lead by Andrew and Vanessa Hoyes, that is about to embark on the amazing experience of pioneering a new AOG church on the Gold Coast!

Things are moving very quickly and I’m excited about the challenges facing me in this next season of expansion! God is so amazing, and so faithful, I am amazed at how faithful he is to the thoughts that he has placed in my heart all those years ago when he gave me a burden for the Gold Coast.

4 thoughts on “Gold Coast

  1. Jason

    Wow! The Gold Coast! What a burden! LOL Seriously, go for it man, all the best to you, Andrew, Vanessa & the team! I guess we won’t be doing a blog meet up in the near future hehe, oh well, see ya down the track – bless ya

  2. Howard


    Is there a website for the church? Many members of my church have been there (I attend Calvary Temple in South Bend, Indiana) and am just wanting to learn more about the church, and the Gold Coast.


    Howard Whetstone


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