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Hiyas, I thought I’d post my first blog in quite a while! I know I’m been gone for too long, but I promise to keep posting as regularly as possible.

The last few months have been full-on fun and hard work helping Andrew and Vanessa and the whole team get Generation Church off the ground on the Gold coast. I have been involved in production and I’ve loved the challenge of learning about production challenges that face every sound guy in a church.

I’ve also been working with a small team on church news each week, which has been alot of fun and provides a regular creative outlet. Check out the church news video page. This page is being updated every week with fresh weekend news for our congregation at Reidy Creek. I have encoded the video in a number of different video formats including WMV, MOV and DivX. So I think that all the bases are covered, including a very high quality DivX option that allows people with a faster broadband connection to download the video and watch it on their computers. You may be interested to know that the DivX version is what we actually use for playback of church news for the weekend services! It’s quality is outstanding and file size is small compared to Mpeg-2 used to compress DVD video.

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