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Click here Take a look at our promo video for our church! Nick Khoo from Hillsong created a video and I think it’s world class. He used Sony Vegas and Photoshop to create the video. I’ve made the video page as easy to use as possible with as many possible video quality and sizes as I could allow without confusing visitors to the site too much. Both Windows and Mac users are catered for so that no-one is left out. There is also a DivX version as well for anyone who wants to see it in DVD quality.

5 thoughts on “Promo Video

  1. Susan

    Very cool!
    I was at the Gold Coast over the Easter weekend, and I was wondering where your church is at. What a pity I didn’t check your website before I left, then I could have gone for a visit.
    Anyway, the church looks very cool. Hoping you’re making good progress. Very interested in hearing all about the church. Is it hard setting up a new church?


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