Rebellious youth!

I was just reading about Anthony LaVey’s son Jess, who rebelled against his father and the “Church of Satan” to become a Christian as a teeneager.

I can just picture him now in the school yard, down behind the toilet block….
“hey Jess, you got some of the good stuff?”
“Yeah Johnny, I got something here you need real bad”
“Really, what have you got for me?”
“A tract bro, on holiness, just for you…”

Or how about his mother searching his room…
“Anthony, I’m worried about Jess, I think he’s up to something really bad and mixing with the wrong crowd, I just found a bible in his room.”

Anyway, I just thought how funny the tables can turn in any situation, for some reason, he was running from his parents into the right direction, rather than the wrong one!

2 thoughts on “Rebellious youth!

  1. Zarra

    I just wanted to tell you the stories are fake, Anton Szandor LaVey only had 3 children, only 1 son, and that was not this one.

    Anton LaVey does not abuse his children, The Satanic Bible even had ‘Do not harm Children’ as one of the main rules.

  2. Rick Becker

    I don’t have a clue weather He is the Son of Anton or Not, but I was a youth pastor and I worked for the Railroad living in Crestline Ca. When I ran across Anthony, I don’t remember weather it was the end of 1997 or the begining of 1998 but I was sleeping when I got a phone call from my Pastors wife. She wanted me to cast some demons out of a young man that was possesed. She claimed he was Anthony Laveys Son. I had her call another pastor and he went to the 7-11 where he was at and cast some demons out of him that night. After that he came to church a few times and was very disturbed. Like I said, I don’t have a clue about who he really is, and I don’t care, but what I do remember is the night he got delivered.


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