Apple and sith spoilers

I’m annoyed,

everyone is giving Apple a bad wrap when it comes to suing the daylights out of the likes of,, and

Ok sure, these guys are big fans of Apple, but I think that trying to find out before time what Apple is about to launch just shows that their a smarty-pants.

If someone needs to get their Geek points from leeking information from Apple, then thats fine, just don’t spoil it for the rest of us! I happen to like waiting. Waiting for Steve Job’s keynotes is cool, he runs the best keynotes in the business, why do we all need to know before time what Apple is doing?

This remindes me of “Revenge of the Sith” and Star Wars fans, who are as we speak divided into two camps. One camp are the spoilers, and the other are the non-spoilers. The spoilers are willing to trawl newsgroups, bribe the production crew and generally do whatever it takes to get as much information as they possibly can about the plot and characters before the movie starts. The non-spoilers are the complete opposite. They are averse to any kind of information regarding the movie whatsoever. Even to the extent of being diametrically opposed to seeing movie trailers and any mass-marketing of the movie. They want to enjoy the movie in it’s most pure unadulterated form.

I remember a time when all I did was read press releases on the internet… I was addicted to products that only existed on paper, and when they finally came out, I had already moved on to the next cool product X about to be released by company X.

For instance, Apple OS X 10.4 “Tiger” exists, Windows Longhorn dosn’t.
Am I going to trawl websites looking for every tidbit of information relating to Longhorn? No, because it dosn’t add value to what I’m doing now. Am I going to seriously consider getting an Mac that runs Tiger? Yes, because it actually exists now, and it could actually add value to what I’m doing now.

I think people should focus on whats happening now, rather than on whats happened before, or whats coming tomorrow. Today is where it’s at, it’s where we put our hand to the plow and it’s where we get the job done.