Attending Hillsong College – my experiences

All I can say is that Hillsong College was the best experience of my life. Over the next few paragraphs I will try my best to encapsulate into words what a phenomenal impact that going to Hillsong Leadership College (or the official name “Hillsong International Leadership College”) for three years had on my life.

When you get to Hillsong College:

1 – God calls…

It’s a little hard to express my gratitude to God for asking me to go and do Leadership training at Hillsong College. I think this is my first point. You must feel called to do it, if God isn’t in the decision to go to College, then don’t do it. Your not doing Hillsong Church any favors by being there, the thing to remember is that it’s not about you, it’s about what God can do in you by placing you in that house. It’s an amazing place to be in regardless of whether you are called to be planted there or not. But imagine how much sweeter it would be if you were meant to be there, not just because it’s Hillsong.

2 – Get planted

The best thing that God in me when I first rocked up was give me a revelation about being planted. It was so strong that I thought I would be there the rest of my life. He basically said to me to shut up and learn, to leave my own thinking behind and embrace all the revelation that He wanted to give me at Hillsong. This not only included revelation from the word, but also allowing myself to receive revelation while submitted to strong leadership. In all areas of my life, God chose college at Hillsong to deal with much of my thinking. It was such an immersive experience allowing the word from the pulpit on Sunday’s to small lectures during the week to mold and shape me into the man God wants me to be.

3 – Serve

To get the most from Hillsong College, the best thing I can recommend is to get a revelation on serving. Throw yourself into it and see what God will do. It’s a great place to see your heart tested. I can vividly remember the first conference I served (Colour Conference in March) and all the things that God brought to the surface through that experience. It was tough, I had to reach deep to finish that week, but I can honestly say that God pulled off some miracles in me. Predominantly God showed me that he wanted me to serve Him, and not man. Otherwise I would constantly look for validation through the words of men, rather than God’s.

4 – Enlarge

Get ready to enlarge your thinking. If there is one place that can enlarge your thinking, it’s Hillsong! There is so much vision there, you can’t not be effected by it. It’s easy to allow yourself to become hardened to change. But my suggestion is to embrace it. As a church, we need to roll with the times in order to be relevant to the times! Hillsong is a great place to learn how to be relevant, while dogedly staying true to the truth of God’s word.

5 – The Why behind the How

At Hillsong, there is a reason for doing everything. If there is no reason to do something, then don’t do it. If it’s not relevant to the present, then there’s no reason to do it! Serving at Hillsong is very intentional and focussed.

6 – Passion and Purpose

Before Hillsong, I was merely dating God, now the true romance has begun, and I can honestly say, there is no turning back. While at College I fell in love with God and His word, and He began to reveal to me His plans and purposes for my life. I remember driving somewhere up behind church one day and asking Him what He wanted me to do with my life. I heard three words… “Build My Church”. I can say the from that moment on, no matter what church I’m in, I would always be connected, relevant and purposeful in the house of God, whether I was at Hillsong or now serving at Generation Church on the Gold Coast.

7 – Change your thinking

There are so many different things that God addressed in me while at college. If you are set in your ways and don’t want to change, I suggest asking God to soften your heart to His word and to people. To make the most out of College, always be learning, enlarging, growing and moving forward. This requires one of the most painful processes, addressing wrong thinking that you might have. There was, and still is, many areas that I want to grow in, it never stops, and it doesn’t get easier. But my suggestion is to run to correction, whether it’s in the form of a word from your leader, from the pulpit on Sunday or direct from God and His word. So many people lose, because that refuse to listen and learn because they think they know what is right and cling desperately to their opinions. I could not express it more strongly, run to correction and all the goodness that it can bring you. It’s where pride is defeated, and God is victorious in your life.

Final Thoughts:

I hope that these few points will help you in your decision to go to college. Think carefully about your reasons for going. Are you certain it’s where you are called to be, go for it! God want’s to train and equip the next generation of leaders and He is using Hillsong church (along with many other churches) to do so.

Anyway, feel free to leave a comment if you have any more questions. I will also try and answer your questions as best I can.

Getting to Australia:

#1 Obtaining an Australian Student visa

Make sure that you go through the correct channels to get a student Visa, listed below are a few government websites that will provide invaluable information about living an studying in Australia. There are also some great websites with free eligibility assessments as well.

#2 Course costs:

#3 Insurance:

Health insurance varies for overseas students depending on the health fund, but a general rule is that it’s about AUD$75 per three months.

96 thoughts on “Attending Hillsong College – my experiences

  1. Laura Doiron

    THanks Matt…my boyfriend and I are really seeking God’s will for our lives right now. Hillsong has recently come up and been laid on both of our hearts. I guess we are just waiting on the Lord. We’ll go where He leads. Thanks for writing that blog. It was definately helpful to me.
    Thanks Matt!
    Laura D

  2. Suzie

    Hi Matt! How exciting to find you. Was searching through the web for college graduates. I’m still at college, doing the new degree program. What an awesome season!

    When were you at college? What did you do? What are you up to now?


  3. Gerdachka

    hey i wuz wondering how much the housing cost wuz. im planning to go to the hillsong college next year or two, and am calculating an estimate on how much it would cost me. So you would be lots of help to tell me about the average cost for housing. God bless

  4. Amy T

    Wow. I’m heading off to the college this January and I just want to thank you for puttting it so well. You’ve just reminded me of what it’s all about and why God has directed me there. Praise God!

  5. tyler yates

    Hey Matthew –

    Thanks for posting that info about Hillsong College. I was wondering if you could give some other info about it though. I have been comparing college cost and narrowing down my options. And found that Hillsong is the same cost as a couple of four year schools in America. I know God calls and we are to follow. But I know we have to plan somewhat for the future also.
    So from what you know what career options are they if you graduate from Hillsong Leadership College. It seems like a regular 3 year training school for ministry except that it’s selling point is it’s Hillsong. So you know the quality of leadership and teaching there. From your own experience though… Is going to Hillsong college limiting in the future career wise? Thanks!

    Tyler –

  6. Tim

    HI. Good to read about your experiences at Hillsong. I am a pro musician and involved in Church worship in UK (should I say frustrated with some Christian ‘musicians’ attitude toward doing your best and continual learning) anyway, am praying about the future, training in leadership with a focus on using music in ministry, and what God is calling me to… looking at Hillsong, Aus. One Q for you… Schooling for my 11 year old son… any recommendations?

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    Tim H

  7. Joseph Joh

    Thanks your comments. Now I’m so struggling to decision for going the college. your comments so help me. Peace be with you.

  8. Brittany

    Hey Matthew! You don’t know me, but I stumbled upon your blog looking up information for HIllsong. I’m an 18 year old Floridian girl that’s getting ready to go to college, and I’m looking into Hillsong as a possibility in one or two years. My heart is worship arts, and my goal is to someday start a Christian concert venue/youth center. Anyways, I have some questions and I’d like to just chat with you about your time there and see if it might be something that God has for me. My email is, my myspace link is above, or you can contact me through AIM at zamwesellthepunk. Thanks so much and God bless!


  9. Hannah

    Hey, Im 4rm R.S.A (South Africa) and your article is really cool!! It’s amazing how the change of perspective and attitude in doing God’s work can turn things around and open the door to more of God in your life!! Being in love with God is absolutely Rockers!! I do not have words to describe it! Keep Strong and God Bless!!

  10. Michelle

    Hey Matt,

    I’m really glad I found your site. I would like to get more direct information about the college, because I can’t seem to find the cost, and I’m not sure how the educational system works in Australia. What is Certificate VI and what does it imply? I wanted to take the one-year course on Youth Ministry and maybe a Performing Art, but I’m not sure how that works out. If you could give me more information, I’d be so grateful.

    Thanks a lot and God bless!

  11. Joel

    Tnx Matt for ur words..they r really inspiring, I’m Joel from Nigeria and by Gods grace I am into the music ministry too and I al sold out to HIM, 2 times my visa application to college has been denied, but God told me that he delayed me b,cos he wanted me to attain a good level in HIM.
    I have reapplied and I know that all things will work together for good…God bless and increase u Matt, and to everyone who has a heart for God

  12. Jeanine

    I wish I had found this site earlier. Especially this entry. But God works in mysterious ways and His timing is always perfect. The “passion and purpose” part really spoke to me. I have that written in eyeliner on my bathroom mirror; its been there for a couple of months. “Surrender and trust” are there too.Your words are like yet another confirmation that I am in God’s will. See…
    I got in at Hillsong and will be starting there in January ’07. I am very exited, nervous too, the Acceptance Pack has a whole lot of rules in it.
    May you experience God’s prosperity in all that you do, my friend.

  13. Joel

    Hey matt sometime in sep 05 i said i reapplied for a Gods glory i have been granted a student visa to study at hillsong..I will be resuming this Jan..its really going to be as awesome experience..I’M IN FOR A BLAST…HOPE U REPLY ME SOON ON

  14. melissa

    hello matthew!!
    thanks for all those informations about hillsong Australia!
    I’m a french girl and i’m wondering about my future and god’s will for my life!
    I love music and I ‘d like to serve God with the worship, by singing..and i thought about this college..but i don’t know if god wants me to do it.So if you agree i’d like to chat with you on msn if you hav it to have more informations about it! If you don’t want it is not a pb i will understand ! 😉
    so be blessed!
    hope to hear from you soon!

  15. ashley

    hi matt!

    my name is ashley and i’m from the US. i’m considering hillsong for worship arts in jan. 08. i was wondering if many ppl go to hillsong after they get a degree in worship or if it’s possible to go straight to hillsong and still be accredited in the states afterwards.


  16. Devan

    Thank you so much for your blog. It has made me even more excited to attend Hillsong, and has built my confidence that this is where God is calling me to.

  17. Alex

    hey mathew!
    this is an awesome website..ive been wanting to know someones opinion on how hillsong college really interested in going..i have a question though..what exactly does the college look for in a student?Does is look at your GPA..or is it just a colege u go to for intrest? kind of a dumb question..but still.Can you help? thank you!

  18. Carolien Esterhuyse

    Hi Matthew
    You won’t believe what a relieve it is to see such an amazing website. Something informative and someone that actually offer to help. I’ve been browsing on Hillsong college’s web for ages. It is a great dream of mine to be able to go to Hillsong college and learn and live the word of God in a way never imagnined.

    The problem is I’m looking for funding. I’m working at the Mount Grace Spa in South Africa as a Beauty Therapist which is an amazing place and I’ve learnt alot of myself and my relationship with God.

    I always wanted to work in God’s company, reaching out to the lost, missguided or yearning young people of the world and show them what God is all about.

    Well all I realy want to know is if you know of an organisation or someone that would be able to help me with funds.

    Lots of Blessings

  19. Hans

    I have been accepted into hillsong college and will be attending in jan 08. This information helped a-lot at preparing me for the experience or at least making me feel more prepared. Thanks

  20. nicole k

    Hey Matt! I was just searching the college since i start it up here in about 4 days. I think I live in your old house and I recognized the name from old paper stuff in the garage! lol.
    So, good words, awesome to hear of your journey. And yes, God definately builds up whatever He starts before you even get here. The romance is so awesomely found between bible class and squalking birds.Have THE best day,

    ( bass. waca stream. randomly surfing the net at midnite)

  21. Melody

    Thank you for your post!! I really feel a call from God to pursue training in worship arts, and Hillsong College has come up yet again in my search for where God wants. Your section on “when you get to Hillsong College” with all the points really hit home to me and reminded me to keep on the God and heart checks when pursuing something this big. Thanks again!


  22. nate kupish

    God is good. Thanks for posting, it encouraging seeing both the ways God’s blessed you and to see the excitement others have to attend. I’ll be attending jan 08 and it’s neat to know God has and is bringing people, friendships grounded in Him, together already. Thanks man. Feel free to email me

  23. frank vonrossum-perez

    hello matthew,
    i have finally made a decision to follow GOD and His will for my life and part of that by His revelation is to attend Hilsong.
    there is a some fear i am experiencing because in 2001 i was charged with a felony for selling cocaine, but that is another mess turned message. i think about admission ,visas and any thing that i fear would hinder me from attending hilsong.
    there is a quiet vioce that tells me to be quiet and walk, i know GOD is in control but i want to know now if
    there is no exception for my past.

    frank v , be Blessed

  24. Kristina

    Hi Matt;

    Thank you so much for posting this. Reading what you had to say was a real encouragement. I am finishing up highschool and I am seeking God with all my heart as to where He wants me to go. I know He is calling me into ministry, but through researching colleges, Hillsong College has really been on my heart for the past few months. I am praying God will open up a way for me to go! Thank you again, and keep rockin out for Jesus!!!

  25. Jamie Farrell

    Hey Matt,

    I realise you wrote this post just over 3 years ago, but I’d like to join the long list of people who have thanked you for writing this blog.

    I live in the UK and have a pretty decent job which, under normal circumstances, I wouldn’t really want to leave, but my girlfriend and I are making the step and planning to do Hillsong College in January next year.

    We haven’t as of yet booked flights, applied for a place on the course, or applied for visas yet…but just the idea that we are planning to move out of our home country for a year is already starting to blow my brain. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for me. So thank you for the practical help listed in this post, and I’m sure it will come in handy.

    As a young couple (aged 21 & 23) would you recommend we apply to the Hills campus or the City campus???


  26. Kati Wood

    Thanks Matt, good stuff, I’ve also written some articles about my time there which may provide further insights to potential students. Click the name above to go to the blog.

  27. Mariette

    I am living in Namibia and I want to know if it is possible to the Hillsong training on a correspondence basis since I am married and have 3 beautiful little girls that I have to take care of, I am the worship leader of our church and have just finished my pastoral studies and i want to make further studies in worship.

  28. Johan

    Very well put out. I’d say the things mentioned very well describes what to expect. A year at Hillsong College will change your life. Just be ready to let God do just that!

  29. Vanessa

    hey Matt!
    i was wondering the same thing Lory Arnold wrote….how did you pay for all your tuition at hillsong?..did you have a job? can we work while at Hillsong college?….ive been trying to see how much the housing and tuition is going to be….if you could please let me know this information it would be VERY helpful. thank you!! :)

  30. Leslie Barrera

    Hey matt i was wondering if hillsong college helps with any careers once graduated or is it just for ministry?

    God bless

  31. James

    This blog is absolutely phenomenon.I plannining to come to HillS.Your piece is just must read.Thnxs.Well’ a few questions though.I want to do you ministry for an year @H.S
    1.Whats the cost for that.
    2can you work and raise your tution, housing and other college expenses while at Hill.S.
    3.does H.S help with any careers after u graduate.
    Thanks Matt.

  32. Coralie

    I think this is great. I have been thinking about Hillsong to do some grad work. I live in the US, and have heard great things about the school. But I think your first point was what really hit home. “Am I called to go?” I want to be called… I feel like God’s calling me somewhere… how do I know its Hillsong? How do I know where God wants me to go?

    Thanks for your entry. I appreciate the insight.

  33. Brad

    Hi Matt, I live in the US and am working toward going to Hillsong College for praise and worship. Being a 21 year old guy, and having never moved out of the country… I was wondering how hard it is to find somewhere to live in Sydney. I have also heard that it is hard to attend Hillsong and maintain a job as well. I dont know if that holds any truth, just curious. It would be great hear from you and possibly ask some other questions.

    I would sincerely appreciate the help!

  34. annie

    Hard and expensive to live in Sydney. Not wise to try to work extensively whilst trying to grasp a deeper insight and revelation of God.

  35. Brad

    I’m sure you’ve answered this in the past, but approximately how much should I budget for the first year of schooling? Tuition+Living expenses. I know that the first year’s tuition is about $3,800 USD. Just curious!

    Thank you, this blog has been so helpful!

  36. sue

    Funny (in the ‘God is the master of irony’ sort of funny) that you emphasize being called, and making sure that you are definitely called by God. I attended Hillsong college for a few weeks shy of a year – I just couldn’t finish. God was stretching me and growing me in ways that were incredibly uncomfortable and it had to do with learning about people. I learned that some people can be cruel, and others can have the biggest heart you’ve ever seen. My mother called me home before my year was up because she was very nervous about the economy, and I was glad to go. Yes, I had great friends, but I still felt dreadfully alone in Sydney.

    Funny, after having some space to heal and think about what God has shown me, I feel drawn back. Quite strongly. My point… If God has called you somewhere, first of all you REALLY should listen, and secondly, He is full of mercy. If you don’t do something perfectly the first time through, He gives you time to reflect. My encouragement to anyone that is thinking about going is to listen to that still, small voice, and never give up hope. He is the supplier of strength beyond what you can imagine. :)

    Oh, and if you DO decide to go to Hillsong college, expect to come back nothing like the person who stepped on the plane in the beginning.

  37. Tom

    Hi, for a long time I had always felt like missions or music was where God would place me but I couldn’t decide which one. About a month ago I felt God’s call to music and Hillsong kept popping up and then I started to feel God’s call to Hillsong College…I live in the US and there are some people who discourage me from going because of the cost and how far away I would be. But if God wants me to go there than I want to go there. Could I have a quick chat with you, maybe you could help me clarify some things…my email is

    Thank you

  38. maristya

    i really want to be there since 5 years ago

    now, i want it again after i forgot about my dream to be there

    but few seconds ago you really made me think

    i want to go for my own self or for HIM … (?)

    now i know that i have to pray
    to ask HIM , does my dream is HIS calling or not…

    ^_- thank you, please pray for me….

    1. Admin

      Hi Maristya,

      Yes! The right thing to do is pray about it!

      What you could do it start making preparations and ask God to close or open doors.

      Thats the best thing to do if your not sure!



  39. josi

    thanks for sharing your experiences.
    They’re really helpul and they made me thinking… :)
    I pray about going to Hillson in July 2010 and I’m really excited what is going to happen….

  40. Ibrahim HANNOUN

    Dear partners in Christ.
    I’m so interested to join Hillsong college because i’m commited to God and i want to serve him but Bible studies are needed. the only thing that prevents me to join this college is money. i can not afford studies overseas since i stem from a low income family. if there is how to apply for scholarship, please feel free to contact me.
    God bless you.

  41. Josh

    hey matt, it is great to hear from somone who actually went to college at hillsong. i feel strongly that God wants me to pursue an education at hillsong for worship arts. i was wondering is it hard to get excepted into the college?

  42. A. Victoria Powell

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience, strength and hope.
    My daughter is planning to attend Hillsong College July2010.

  43. Alma

    WOW! I hate to be corny but this blog is the most awesome testimony! And I can add mine… Thanks… the Lord really called you to write this- see how many people it has afected since 2006— wow! I was just feeling unsure and doubting my calling to go to Hillsong and how its gonna happen (there are loads of issues) and God just used this as confirmation…I don’t know how but if God wants me there, I’ll get there…Halelujah! Thanks again!

  44. Seth Stanford

    Hey! I know that many people have commented thanking you for posting this and everything, but I also wanted to thank you! This is invaluable wisdom that truly is a blessing to read. Also, I was wondering if maybe we could talk more about the kinds of things you’ve gotten to be part of with the Hillsong college. You seem to be quite collected in your thoughts from your experiences there, and an excellent source for info regarding this wonderful spirit led ministry. Have a wonderful day!!

    — Seth

  45. Crystal

    Thank you so much Matt for your blog. I’ve been online countless of hours trying to find out more about Hillsong. Our worship leader at church went a couple years ago. As his friend, I would listen to his countless of stories that just lit fire under my heart to attend. One night in a dream, God showed me what He wanted to do in me, in my life, and how He wanted me to serve Him. He made it clear that Hillsong is the place for me. I don’t have the money for it, but I know that if God wants me there He will show me what to do and how to be able to pay for Hillsong. Daily I am praying to find different sources for income. I don’t really stress about it though, because He knows all, and I trust Him. Please pray that I find the sources I need to serve Him to the best of my abilities (through experiencing first hand what Hillsong has to offer). I will soon graduate with a Bachelor’s in Psychology and right after I’ll be applying for Hillsong!
    Thanks again!

  46. Jillian

    Wow! Thank you for sharing your experience. I am beginning the process of applying to Hillsong college. I feel called of God to go there. In fact I ignored the call about 6 years ago, mainly because of finances. But our God is not restrained by finances!!!! And so here I am, now married with 2 kids. Ya I should be more worried about finances now, then I was before, but I have immense peace! The peace of God that passes all understanding!

    I am so excited! I want to learn, to be changed, to grow, to see things in a new way. I want my eyes to be opened to a more extravagant look on ministry! Like your’s “Build my Church” mine is “Lead people to my throne.” I want myself and people to have an intimate relationship with our Holy God, To exalt Him in all His Glory!

    Rock Hard, Worship Harder!


  47. Tima

    Hi Matt! Thanks! I’m from Kazakhstan. And i’m really want to go to Hillsong College. Can you say how much money i need to live there, in city campus – per month (accommodation, electricity, food, local phone calls, some transport and some general living costs)?
    Thanks! God bless you.

  48. Melissa Ruiz

    Hello Matt,

    I also am starting to plan to go to hillsong international leadership college. I would love to get in contact with you to hear your experience in GETting to australia as an international student. I really thank you for any input,suggestion, and advise you may have for me.

    Thank you,
    Melissa Ruiz

  49. Sarah Mabry


    I am a freshmen in college in the United States but feel like God is calling me to Hillsong college.
    Thank you for sharing your experiences!

  50. KELVIN

    hey you have motivated me to really go ahead with my dream of going to hillsong college..thanx so much for sharing God bless you

  51. Danielle

    I just recently had a calling to ministry and I found Hillsong College on the computer and a strong feeling came to me. I can’t explain the feeling but I can’t stop thinking about it and it seems to appear everywhere I go. I think Hillsong would be a great place to go but I also want to pursue a psychology degree. I want to help people not only in my church but in the world. I’m just not sure if Hillsong offers psychology. Does the college offer psychology?

    1. Admin

      Hi Danielle, Hillsong offers an excellent Pastoral Counselling course run by trained phycologists. I’m not sure if it’s offered as a degree, but you may be able to use it as credit towards one?

  52. Bukkie Oni

    I am extremely motivated and inspired by your testimonies, Matt. Thanks for sharing; many lives would be impacted. The hunger & thirst to get planted in Hillsong church has been in me for many years and I know God put the desire in me. Hillsong ministry (especially the praise and worship team) has really impacted me that I have grown to a greater level in God. I thank God for the leadership/management of Hillsong church for answering to God’s call and choosing to be selfless in their service with God. Their song lyrics have thought me a lot i.e. living fully for HIM and loving HIM regardless…

    Really looking forward to becoming part of the family and I know attending Hillsong College would be a stepping-stone.

    God’s blessings always.

  53. Maxwell Chiungwe

    Hi.thanks a lot 4 inspiring me.i’m from Zimbabwe and i definately want to go to study at Hillsong College.God has called me into ministry (Praise & Worship) and going to Hillsong College is the rightful thing i shud do,i’l be refined,God has drawn me to this college & your sharing has inspired me to pursue my God given vision,it has made my bond with the college even stronger.I live for God and i wanna give Him the best of me,as i serve Him.I just pray that a great door opens for me to go and study at Hillsong College.I that after studying at Hillsong College your life won’t be the same.

  54. D

    Do hillsong students who are studying worship ministry bring their instruments to hillsong? Like the drums or keyboards?

  55. Johanna

    This was great info. Thank you so much!! I’m applying for july 2011. Also quick question… is it okay if Im only a singer and don’t play an instrument yet?? Though i just bought a guitar and really going to practice these few months.

    Thank you.

  56. Tarah B

    Hey! Thank you so much for posting this. I yet have to graduate High school, another year left but I feel God is calling me here to be in the Worship Ministry! What worries me, is not Australia, it is just the finances because of the economy here in America today! :( All I know is that God will get me there and keep me there if I am supposed to stay :)

  57. Kosiso A.

    Hi Matt,
    thanks a lot 4 ur insight and ur honest advise about Hillsong College. Ever since i came in contact with Hillsong music, I have felt led and drawn 2 worship music bcos i’ve always loved music 4 a long time but now i can actually learn how 2 serve God with music and in other areas. But telling anyone where i live that i want 2 study music is like u dont have a future ambition. I’ve made up my mind to seek God’s face for direction and i know that if that is where He wants me to go, i know He’ll make provisions for me 2 be there.
    Thank u so much nd God bless u

  58. Nichole Smith

    Hi Matthew,
    This blog really hits me because I have felt the call to go to Hillsong College for about a year now and I have kept it in prayer for that long. Just recently my mom asked me if that was something I wanted to do (i had never shared my heart with her about the college, she brought it up) …tears came to my eyes cuz this is something I desired for a long while. She said she would be willing to sponsor with all of the funding if this is what I wanted to do… My full heart is to go.

    BUT the question arises with my Pastors at my local church. You see I am 28 years old and have been leading worship for about 3 years. Worship leading is all I’ve ever wanted to do since high school. Right now I serve as a worship leader and youth leader in my local church. My Pastor stesses the point that “why would I go and learn to be a leader if I am doing it already” …

    I was wondering if you had any pointers, or if you could shed some light on the situation or if you knew anybody that attends the school right now with the same kind of situation. Are there many my age? Is there anybody attending that has been in leadership roles and has left their local church to attend the college? I have been frequently praying to God for answers.

    Your help with be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you so much!!

  59. Ivan

    Hi Matt,
    Thank you for posting your personal experience! It really helps me to think, because I had felt the God’s calling to go to Hillsong College about 6 years ago, but I didn’t manage to complete my degree (as I remember holding of a degree is one of the prerequisite), and I kinda of ignore the call until recently that, I have this feeling again. But do you know how did I get to your blog? I was searching in Google with following “Too old to study in Hillsong College”. Because I am already 27 (will be 28 in few more month)

    There are still many questions after run through the Hillsong website. Is there any prerequisite to get in stream of “Worship Music”? like music instrument skill? Actually, I am leading worship in my samll church almost a year. I have never trained in Vocal, and very limited skill in guitar.

    And I saw there is Pathways has to choose after choosing the streams, is that alright to choose “Production Pathway” even I never have any music production training?

    Already asked a lot. haha :)

    Thank you very much~!

  60. Marly

    I am going to Hillsong this July to study Media & TV. I’ll be arriving late because I have to work my contract in England until July 29th.

    If anyone is going this July and would like to get in contact so that we aren’t all strangers, visit my website at and email me using the “contact” link.

    I’m extremely excited for it all and would love to meet others in my position!

    Marly x

  61. Brittany Baker

    I have been trying to make a decision on whether I should go to Hillsong or if I should stay home and go to college in my home town. It’s been something that I have prayed about countless times, I have already gotten my answer, but I’m scared to death. I know without a shadow of doubt that God is calling me to go to Hillsong, and it’s not impossible, He is making a way. I am just really scared about leaving home, and traveling so far away. I would really love it if you could email me and answer some of my questions. I have been looking for someone to talk to about Hillsong, and just stumbled about this today. Thank you so much for posting this. I hope you contact me soon.

    1. Admin

      Hi Brittany, I know being separated from your family is hard. Can you move far away and be comfortable with that? On the other had, if you’re young it can be an incredibly satisfying experience moving out and becoming an independent person, able to stand on their own. I have sent you an email, so if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

  62. Jabez Manuel

    Hey Matt, your post is such an encouragement to me! Two years ago a pastor who visited our church prophesied that I would go to Hillsong College and two other pastors have done so as well in different instances. I’ve been really praying about it and have developed a desire to go to Hillsong College. I love worshipping God and I have been worship leading for about two years now. I am 18 years old and am entering my second year of college. My family and I have just migrated to the US from the Philippines 3 years ago. I don’t know if I should finish a degree here in the US before I leave for Australia. I don’t have a concrete plan right now and not til recently have I decided to start praying for it again. Another thing is that I am not capable financially to support myself and my family couldn’t either. Should I just wait until my family and I get settled or should I just go for it and apply? I have a strong desire to go now and my faith says that God will provide but I also want to be realistic and not base my decision on my emotions but on what really God is saying. What’s your advice?

    1. Admin

      Hi Jabez!

      AWESOME name!

      I think you should always finish what you start.

      Having a degree is a great thing to have before going to College, it means that you have worked hard to earn it and “learned how to learn” in an academic sense, which will help you alot when you are volunteering in a department, doing weekend serving and doing life in a connect group.

      Do the hard yards now and you will reap a reward in the future!

  63. Sarah

    Hey matt, i’m on process to apply for hillsong college, so i was wondering to know wich campus is the best one? Hills campus, Brisbane campus or the city campus?

    1. Admin

      Hi Sarah,

      I did half of college at Hills and Half in the City and I’m also a Brisbane boy, so you have asked the right person.

      I think the City and Brisbane campuses are maybe a bit smaller? So if you want a bit more of an intimate environment to study and volunteer then you could do that. Hills is an amazing place to be with lots of opportunities, but it’s hard to say which is the “Best” one…

      I would say pray about it and seek God on it, ask that the place you go will have great connections. I think you will know where to go if God is in it after a bit of prayer.

      Make sure you check back here and let us know how you decide!

  64. Maria Lockard

    Hey Matt! Thanks for the post about your experience at HILC. I’m applying to go in January 2013, and my only question was about transportation options for each campus (city or hills campus). It sounds like in the City Campus you live within walking distance of college/church, but in Hills it appears I will live several miles away from the college. When you studied at Hills, how did you get to college from where you lived? How do most students get there? Bus or what? Thank you very much!

  65. Kyle Cowgill

    Hey Matt,

    Great Information!
    Life Story:
    I went through the whole process of attending Hillsong College City Campus in 2007. I even went as far as attending the campus for a couple of weeks. However, love pulled me back home to my present wife of almost 4 years now. Since returning home, I have completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Construction Managment, but I know thats not what God has called me to do. My wife and I have constant discussions of pursuing our passion for the ministry, but practicality keeps us from doing it. I know God has put Hillsong on my heart for a reason, but I don’t know how we would survive financially because of our student loan debt.
    Are there opportunities to work and attend school at Hillsong?
    Will anything transfer from our Bachelor’s Degree? Mine in Construction Management and my Wife’s in Business Management.
    What opportunities exist for students after graduation?

    I appreciate any information you have to offer. Thanks and God Bless.

  66. Bruno Franco

    My name is Bruno. I have been recently praying about where to go and to see what’s God purpose for me in my life. I have excessively prayed and well I prayed for God to reveal to me any hidden talents that I have and I began to play the guitar and all I’ve ever really loved to do is to worship God. I learned the guitar in literally about 3 months and I learned it well…now I’ve been playing for 5 months in total and I’m already on the worship team in my church and I’ve never felt more love for it and I can never stop. I’ve felt as if God is calling me to go to Hillsong College, but my parents want me to go to school and stufy medicine, but I don’t want to be a doctor. I’ve prayed and prayed and prayed….what I’ve been recently thinking is that maybe I already have the calling…I just really haven’t dug deep to find it and the tuition for the college holds me back, but I don’t have a scholarship for my University for physical therapy…I never focus on school all I love to do is just play the guitar and worship God everyday non stop and now that I am almost graduating highschool and at 17 years of age….I want to ask you what do you think I should do?

    Kind regards,

  67. Alikuru precious

    Hi Matt. its precious i have tried this i hope this time it goes thruogh if so please e-mail me i really are greatful and appreciat the in sight i have been so much attached to Hillsong since i came a cross their songs.for a long time i have wanted to go to Hillsong bible college thanks i feel that i have found the college i want to go to.

  68. prudence

    Hi Matt. I was so glad to have stumbled on your blog so inspiring words i read and they made me really focus. I applied to study at hillsong and i reached as far as filling in the forms but the problem i got is they stopped communicating. I can also appreciate if you advised on how one can sustain themselves while there. I sing in choir but i feel God wants me to know more about worship and i feel am called to do worship music.

  69. Frisky Marvel

    Shalom Matt! :) How’s there life,all doing good?
    Anyway Maybe i hear the calling from God… So many whisperer n i don’t know the truth. But until now He’s whisper me n He said i must to go n studied to Hillsong , I don’t know why exactly , Jesus want me to studied there… And He’s want me to found the information of Hillsong Inti Leadership College, and could u give the answer if u read n can to reply my Message ? Please i really want the information about Hillsong Inti College :) just a few Question , need for Answer matt… Thanks so much for this guide. I know all these He’s made for doing His work in me AMEN! Thanks Matt.

    Anyway i’m forget to intro my self first,
    my name is Frisky Marvel from Indonesia thanks MATT anw!

  70. Jeru Villasana

    While I was reading, God was speaking directly to my heart. Your words are so inspiring Matt, I know it IS a loooong way but I am convinced that it’s worth it.
    I thank God for your life.

  71. Trevor whitaker

    hey matt I loved what you said. I was wondering how you paid for hillsong college. And what other colleges like hillsong are available? I’m from Kansas btw. 😛

    1. webmaster Post author

      Hi Trevor, I was blessed by family for my college tuition fees. As for other colleges, I’m not sure! I know C3 runs a great college in Sydney and Harvest is based in Melbourne.

  72. LEON

    Hi there thanks for your inspirational word and importation of your experience ,you know 3 years ago I was at band practise at my church I just want to control sound until we just stop our band practise and started to intercede and pray upon god our band leader and that time gave me a word that realy troubled me because I never wanted to be a musican but e told me god want me to take up to be a guitarist and I will be the next guitarist of the church so I took it prayer I said lord if its your will let it be done so profercey can’t not come to past if you sit and do nothing about it to get to that point so I made a guity to make a friend teach me it was hard I should go on my knees and pray to god and I said lord you want me to get closer to you this way but I can’t make it families putting me down everyone around me he told me son sometimes when you decided to follow me you got to walk that lonely road at time e said you will learn properly so I learnt everybasic and hillsong chords they play but I was obedient and I should sit with my small guitar down the stage nt connected nothing and worship after two year this the thirds year I became the lead guitarist of my church and I believe when you do something or you god servant you got to work with excellent and its like I want to get there its in my heart and hillsong came to mind I really love what I do and want to get better and one day start my own band please critersize me in anyway possible please so I can learn and understand more I hope one day I’ll get there if its god will I don’t av the money but if its his will he will provide for me I’m 18 years this my last year in school please keep me in prayer we all need to keep our brothers and sisters in prayer my full name is yogendran naidoo I’m from south africa thanks a lot god bless

  73. Ruth

    Hello! Thank you for sharing your experiences with us!
    I’m still in high school and I’m still not sure whether God wants me to go to Hillsong College. For the past few days, I’ve been wondering what God is really calling me to go. Then I would continually hear the song Oceans even tonight. I talked with my friend about it during winter camp and he also wanted to go to Hillsong, but we shared the same problem. Our parents are worried since they won’t be able to provide money for us when they’re gone so they want us to major on something that will provide sufficient funds for ourselves. I’ve always admired Hillsong and especially Mrs. Darlene Zschech. When I was around 5 or 6, I wouldn’t want to go to Sunday school and would rather go to the main service with my parents because of the worship. I’ve always loved worship. I remember trying to copy Mrs. Zschech’s voice, since it was very beautiful. Her voice allows the presence of God to enter in the listener. I’m not sure what to do. My parents are giving me the option of whether to apply on my senior to attend Hillsong or to major on something else in a college near our area in California. I’m sorry for this long message.

    1. webmaster Post author

      Its ok Ruth!

      Wonderful to hear your heart for going to bible college. 😀


  74. Rebecca

    Hi matt , I am currently living in the uk and also attend hillsong london. I want to attend the leadership college next year as I believe it will help me grow and bring me closer to my calling. However funding would be big barrier for me, I am still praying about it. Could you tell me how you fundedit and if you got sponsered or not?
    Thank you would appreciate it a lot :)

  75. daniella

    hi !!! I am indeed happy for the encouragement you give people around. My name is danielle or daniella,i am an African originated from Cameroon. I would really love uf you help me out because i am planning to come over in january and i don’t know anybody in australia,i am really scared please. this is my email adress I’ll will be wating, God bless you!!

  76. Pieter Louw

    My sister-in- law studied there.In South Africa they do not credit her when she started studiing at Unisa(University of South Africa) Are you internationaly accredeted ? It seems to me it only apply to your Colleges. As Youth Pastor behind her name she is jobless for more than 4 years. In RSA you cannot survife as a Volenteer .I contacted Hillsong College but in vein.I have lost my confidence in Hillsong .

    Pieter Louw

    1. webmaster Post author

      Hi Yushin, I helped plant a church on the Gold Coast (it’s now a Hillsong Church), and I was Tech Pastor there for a few years.

  77. hope

    Hi Matt,
    Thank you so much for your post! I’m currently a senior in high school and am feeling very torn as to whether I should attend hillsong or go to university. I would really appreciate it if you could email me at to talk. God bless!

  78. Jazz Scholz

    Hi! I would LOVE if you could send me an email and just let me know your thoughts on hills vs city campus. I am planning on going to HILC by July 2016 and as I try and process through everything, the campus I should apply to is the last big thing I’m trying to figure out.

    Thank you so much!

  79. Simon

    hey Matt I am currently doing my bachelors of a theology and planning to come to hillsong soon could you please help me regarding the admission process and what are the requirements for an international student.


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