HHB puts FlashRAM Recorder into a Microphone!

This has to be the ultimate PodCasting Gadget.

HHB has developed a flash memory based microphone with a Sennheiser head (my favourite mic company). It has an impressive 1Gb of flash memory and easy to use controls with an LCD readout for monitoring levels and battery usage.

It’s designed for roving reporters, but I think it could be the ultimate PodCasting accessory!

No more fussing around with line levels, headsets and tricky audio editing software.

All you have to do is download the MP3 or Wav files using the supplied USB cable (you can choose from a variety of formats), and upload to your podcast.

It ships January 2006

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One thought on “HHB puts FlashRAM Recorder into a Microphone!

  1. heather durkee

    Hey Matt!

    I am glad to see you are posting regularly again. I am so excited for you as the new tech pastor. My husband is loving it as we are moving to our new church on February 5th. All gear will be new so its really exciting!

    I am so thankful God calls us to His work. Its exciting to be apart of that. God is doing awesome things in our church and we have such an amazing vision!

    God Bless you as you continue to serve HIm!


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