Getting settled

I’ve been getting settled today in our new Media Centre at Generation Church. Located up on a second sealed off section at the back of the main auditorium, it’s here where all media related work gets done at Generation. Ps Owen Shannon (the worship Pastor) and I have been virtual nomads for the last little while as major changes have been completed at the church. It’s nice to get settled into your own space so you can really get down to hard work. I love change, I’m a fullon change junkie, I love to see the kingdom of God move forward with more and more decisions for Jesus every week.

Recent changes at Generation in the last two weeks:

  • New Media Centre
  • New Air-Conditioning system put in
  • Sound desk moved downstairs
  • Everywhere in the Auditorium has been painted with awesome colours
  • Fog machine for Sunday night!
  • Three new projectors – two wing projectors and one in the foyer

Changes to come this week:

  • Two new video cameras and live switching system
  • New sound and lighting booth at rear of auditorium being built

One thought on “Getting settled

  1. Heather Durkee

    That sounds exciting Matt! Our new sanctuary will be done soon with our first service Feb.5th. Its really exciting!! Adam has been in contact with all the media people who will be installing stuff etc…He is really pumped about the new gear and this past Sunday we wrote scriptures, unsaved loved ones names and promises on the floor of our new building before the carpet went down. It was so touching to see family’s praying together in the new building and people anointing the building for the Lords work. Ministry is so exciting and I am glad we can be apart of it!!


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