I havn’t posted in soooo long!

It’s been quite a while, but here is a recap:

* I have now relenquished sound and lighting to the awesome Brad Sage at Generation Church
* Brad is a gun sound engineer, so he will take it forward much better than I ever could
* I am up to my armpits in cool proposals that will lift the atmosphere on Sundays!
* I recently revieved a huge revelation from God about “hope” and how the “buzz factor” generates atmosphere on Sundays at Generation Church!
* So many amazing things happening at Generation Church. The Gold Coast will never be the same!

2 thoughts on “I havn’t posted in soooo long!

  1. Heather Durkee

    Hey Matt!

    Glad to see you are posting again! Tech ministry is always busy! We are in our new church building now (check my flickr for pics) and we have all new gear. Its like Christmas now to my hubby the tech pastor!

    Anywho, glad to hear things are going well at the church! Its exciting to hear how God is moving even when you are so far away! PTL!

  2. Heather Durkee

    Hey Matt-

    Out of curiousity –are you in charge of your churches website? When you emailed me back I saw the link and its a great site.

    Adam’s (husband) is incharge of our churches and I was curious.



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