Weird Hillsong Conference Ticket

Here is my Hillsong Conference Ticket:

Anyone who is mildly supersticious might find this moderatly alarming, but not me! I thought is was…


Hillsong Conference Ticket with 666 on it

If you look carefully, circled in red is my seat number 666!

I actually didn’t end up going to conference, I gave the tickets away.

If you came here to register for conference, try here, you will have better luck on the Hillsong Conference website if you want to order tickets for Hillsong Conference 2007!

One thought on “Weird Hillsong Conference Ticket

  1. Heather Durkee

    Nice number… maybe it was good that you didn’t go.

    However, I would have loved to gone. It stinks that such a thriving ministry is a 24 hour direct flight away from me!


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