Muti-Campus Church

Well, we are about to embark on a new chapter at Generation Church.

Multi-Site church.

Tomorrow we plant our first service at Pacific Pines on the north side of the Gold Coast.

It’s exciting times as we see our church grow and expand to new levels. I would not have though we would reach this point after only 18 months of ministry as a team on the Gold Coast.

Every part of my life is being stretched right now and I’m loving it. How much more easy is it to be stretched whan you are doing something you love? It makes the journey so much easier.

And so the Generation Journey continues, faithfully and forcefully moving forward.

As I prayed while walking the streets of Helensvale doing a letterbox drop, I could only imagine salvation in those streets. We passed home after home filled with dreams and visions of unchurched people yet to be realised. They need to know the freedom and hope that God has to offer them through the church. My prayer is that our church, and every church in our area will touch their lives with power and see dynamic and transformational change in our city.

2 thoughts on “Muti-Campus Church

  1. Jeanine

    Has anyone ever told you you have a talent with words? You inspire and encourage with the beautiful pictures you create in the mind. I’m glad that you’re using this talent God has bestowed on you.
    Be blessed, my friend.


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