Generation Church – the vison and mission of the house!!!


Generation Church - expectation

Pastor Vanessa on Sunday morning reiterated the sound that our house has been making for many months!

She clearly verbalised our vision and mission statements so clearly that I was overcome with dumbness! Of course! Duh…

Vision: A house of healing, a house of hope, a house that brings heaven to earth.

Mission: Serving locally, impacting globally.

I was so excited to hear it. We are now two years old and allthough I have always carried the vision of the house in my heart, I now can carry it on my lips too!

With those who ask “what is the vision of Generation Church?”, I can give them a very clear answer in seconds rather than rambling on for five minutes.

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  1. Jane

    Hi Matt,
    I am leaving a message here as I looked up your site to see an example of use of the MosDirectory – I hope this isn’t an inappropriate place to leave this message. – I couldn’t seem to find a general contact option.

    I would like to know how this is a better program than MTree, how it works and how you have used it for your site.
    I would appreciate your response if you have time

    Kind regards
    Jane (Australia)


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