Christmas 2006 – It’s a wrap!

Christmas was awesome this year.

I was feeling rather oblique by the end of it, my legs and arms and stomach jutting out in various contorted directions as I tried to get the uncomfortable mess occupying my insides into some sense of order.

In other words I stuffed myself stupid…

I felt a bit mentally challenged as I dragged my carcas off to bed last night. And even worse as I got up this morning, is there such a thing as Christmas hangover, even when you haven’t consumed any alcohol?

Wow, but it was awesome on many levels!

All the family together, and we went and hung out with the Sweet Grannies at the nursing home in the arvo. Funny thing is that my Grandad opened that same nursing home thirty five years ago!

They don’t really know who I am anymore, but we all had a lovely time chatting and bringing the grannies up to speed on how many grand and great grand children they now have, and also the fact that they also have children, and that they had them together… “yes grandma, thats your husband Jim…”

But it’s amazing how they can have moments of great clarity, the prayer that Grandad prayed as we linked hands at the end was amazing.

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