Problems with Myspace – web 1.0 with a 2.0 flavouring

Myspace is web 2.0?


It’s more like a web 1.0 application incorporating social networking concepts.

Problems with Myspace:

1. Interface

You would think that a site worth so much to Murdock would get a major overhaul in the user interface department. It’s seriously lacking, uses very little DHTML or AJAX to speed the overall user experience and has an uneccesarilly number of steps to do simple things like adding friends and comments.

They could learn a whole lot about interface design from Flickr and Digg.

2. It’s the worst looking of the top 10 sites on the net.

OK, I will admit that most designs on myspace are at the mercy of individual users. But how about giving everyone a great headstart by making the default user profile totally awesome?

It lacks the overall refinement of Facebook

It’s so web 1.0 in it’s “look”, it’s so 1998.

3. Stability

I have never know a website to so consistently drop out.

I kid you not.

It seems to have “serious errors” alot… seriously.

4. What it’s built on.


Are you kidding me?

One of the most traffiked websites on the internets and it’s build of CF?

Hey, I love programming CF as much as the next geek, but seriously, let get serious here…

It feels like myspace has been developed by someone like me… not a real programmer, but someone who wants to be one, but lacks the attention to detail to pull it off.

I really think it’s been a victim of it’s own success, growing too quickly to manage it’s expanding user base effectively.


I can’t say that I know everything that goes on behind the scenes, so lets just assume that everything is working great and take it for granted.

Myspace needs a big overhaul, with big challengers like Facebook and virb on their way, Myspace does not have the luxury to sit back on their laurels and expect thier user base to to be ok with a clunky interface, site errors and the small stuff.

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