iPod Touch

I just bought my Mum an iPod Touch 8Gb for her birthday.

She loves it.

Mum’s a bit of a digicam geek so I uploaded all 8,500 photos to the touch for her to show off to her friends.

It only left 1Gb of space on the device for songs, but we will take a few of the albums off to free up some space. The optimisation of the images took 2.5 hours on her 1.6 Ghz dual core Toshiba laptop.

I also added Michael Bublé and “here I am” by Nataclie Goucci and she added Darlene Zchech’s latest album to her iPod on the device using wifi!!


Now I *really* want one! Such a slick interface, Safari is awesome, I’ve never seen web pages look so good on the small screen, it just needs a mail application and she would be very happy.

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