iPhone for business? it won’t get the job done I’m sorry

I have been fretting for the last little while about whether to get the iPhone of not when it come out.

After having a play with my Mum’s iTouch… (iPhone minus the phone) I have come to the conclusion that, from a business perspective, the iPhone just won’t cut the mustard. The keyboard, no matter how much you look at it does not stand up to the blackberries for raw text input.

More importantly, even though I have ranted on this to my friends and colleagues in the past, Research in Motions BES platform, cumbersome and frustrating to implement as it is, is very secure and “Just Works” (Once it’s going of course).

Anyway, why would a company stuff itself by using Java to build one of the most important wireless platforms on the planet? I understand it makes cross platform implementation much easier, but in the end it’s the customer who has to foot the bill for all the extra server resources they have to add to keep executives happily tapping away on their Blackberries…

There I go again!! Another rant…

But seriously, BES is a resource HOG and RIM needs to seriously revisit their roadmap to stay relevant against the likes of Microsoft Windows Mobile 6 and exchange…

OK I better stop now, this is just going to get out of hand.

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