Its Easy To Be Cynical about Hillsong and MegaChurches

After reading Mega Church Watch I have come to the conclusion (or maybe I did years ago) that it’s alot easier to form cynical attitudes to things that grow than applaud someone or something thats doing better than you are.

I love the fact that things grow, I don’t sit around being resentful that the tree outside my window is growing do I?

I’m growing too, just differently to the tree. I don’t get hurt and resentful because I’m not growing as fast as the sapling outside – it just grows differently to me.

When something is growing and baring fruit in the form of local and international mission, fostering the growth of individuals in the workplace, then at best give it praise, at worst leave it alone.

The tall poppy syndrome is alive and well in Australia.

As Christians, shouldn’t we know better?

Or is the syncretistic appropriation of secular values ok?