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  1. Brent Melville

    Politics is a tough game, especially for Christians. One of the toughest things for Christians in politics to learn, especially if they run with a mainstream party, is that they have to play by the rules of the game or get ‘worked over’. In other words they have to do the politically correct thing unless they can convince their party that their belief or principle is a ‘matter of conscience’. The other aspect of this is, do people out there really understand what you believe and what you stand for? In my opinion some popular beliefs of Christians in the political realm invite ridicule. For instance, the idea that God’s going to organise an end-time Armageddon in Israel. If you really look into some of that ‘theology’ you’ll find it’s of very dubious origins. Think about it. ‘Christians want an Armageddon so Jesus can come back to Israel!’ That’s what people out there think. Unfortunately Sarah Palin’s church did seem to adhere to that stuff. Otherwise, Sarah Palin is a remarkable woman, rising from town mayor to governor of Alaska. And she’s not a feminist either!


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