Facebook Lite… What is it?

I just got an invite “selected” to try out Facebook Lite!

I have know idea what it is, the link redirects me back to the regular version.

I have a few thoughts about it though:

  • It’s Facebook’s answer to Twitter
  • It integrates into their recent acquisition of Friendfeed
  • It makes it easy to “broadcast” parts of your Facebook profile and feed on the public Internet

I don’t know how close I am, I will have to find out more!

4 thoughts on “Facebook Lite… What is it?

  1. Gloria

    Hello Matthew! We saw your Twitter posting and noticed that you live in Australia. We are brazilian fans of The Chronicles of Narnia series, we have a website dedicated to Narnia (www.narnianos.com) and we have heard that the next film is being shot there in Australia. We are looking for people who live close to where the film is being shot, so that we could get some insider information about the film in progress. If you live close to any of the filming locations, could you send us any news? It could be a photo, video or any kind of information about the film – like spy reports, you could send the reports to us. Are you a Christian? The movie brings up many Christian ideas. We would appreciate your help.

    – Gloria

    PS.: I’m sorry for posting this message here, but I couldn’t find your email anywhere.

  2. Admin

    Thanks for the comment Gloria!

    Actually, I posted a blog article about this sort of thing a few years ago, here is the link:

    Apple and Sith Spoilers

    These days I’m a bit cooler and froodier about spoilers, but it does give a bit of an idea of how I felt then about leak and spoiler sites lol!


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