Why I will be driving at 95 kmph in 100 kmph zones on Queensland roads

I’m annoyed right now at the Queensland Governments policy of enforcing speed limits. They are currently trialing digital cameras with no margin of error.

This means that you will no longer be booked at 67Km p/h on Queensland roads in a 60 zone, you will be booked at 61Km p/h.

I’m not looking for an excuse to speed. As a sensible driver over the last 15 years I have had not one speeding ticket. I am, shall we call it, a “sedate” driver. I take driving very calmly and see driving as a journey, not a destination.

I really enjoy it.

I don’t ever have to worry about speed cameras, Police cars and radar traps. Why? Because I stick to the speed limit. The speed limit is a non-negotiable for me. I was recently in Sydney and was about to start the long journey home when my Aunt (who I was staying with) informed me to “watch out for the speed cameras”. I politely informed her that I was not in the least bit concerned about getting a speeding ticket. She was horrified, “how can you be so blase? It could cost you double demerit points?”. I had to gently explain that I wasn’t going to get a ticket because I don’t exceed the speed limit, how could I be concerned about the Police and speed cameras if I don’t speed?

So now we get to the crux of this post.

The Queensland government has announced that it is about to go digital with all it’s speed cameras.

What does this mean to the average motorist? I means that the the actual speed limit will now be enforced rather than the current variation of 10%.

The Western Australian government has got it right, they have reduced the variation to 5%. This will ensure that motorists are not penalised if the accidentally go a smidge over 60km p/h. It also allows for variations in the speed camera calibration and the calibration of motorists speedometers.

Want to set your cruise control to the speed limit? YOU CAN’T

This is because:

  1. Next time you have cruise control on – watch carefully, the speedo will routinely go over your speed setting by a K or two on declines and downward slops and then correct itself
  2. Your speedometer might be out – there are all sorts of things that can affect your true speed like tyre pressure, it’s your responsibility to ensure that it is correct

Why you can’t use the speed limit as a guide for general driving

You will need to drastically change your driving habits to stop Queensland Government main roads coffers from overflowing! Drive 5% under the posted speed and you will be OK.

Drive on the speed limit, let your mind wander, go over the posted limit by more that 1 K, and they have got you.

Queensland is in for a rude shock when this policy comes into effect.

Let me repeat, I have never had a speeding ticket, I don’t speed. But when digital cameras are rolled out across Queensland, I plan on keeping my untarnished record intact, regardless of my feelings about a policy that is all about increasing government coffers – I will continue to abide by the speed limit.

No longer is there a bit of grace there just in case you go over a little.

You will need to drive at 5% under the posted limit to ensure that you don’t get booked by accident.

Courier Mail article

7 thoughts on “Why I will be driving at 95 kmph in 100 kmph zones on Queensland roads

  1. Tim

    G’day Matt. Great Blog. And thanks for this timely post, I’d better neglect my Victorian ways of traveling right on the limit 😀
    Catch you soon my friend.

    1. Admin

      No Worries!

      Get this, I turned on my Sat Nav (iPhone running Sygic) and noticed that when I’m driving at 110 on the speedo, I’m actually driving at 101?

      What the heck? I drive a 08′ model Polo TDi, so it’s not old and it turns out I have been driving at 100 in a 110 zone for the last 18 months!

      So basically it’s “safe” for me to use my speed gauge at the posted speed limit… because I’m well under the speed limit.

      The question I have is, does this apply to everyone? Is it that bad for a VW in particular, or do car manufacturers deliberately miss calculate the speed limit by a factor of almost 10%?

      Maybe this is some euro-socialist thing?

      I have noticed that commodores always move faster than most other cars, maybe their speedo’s are correct?

  2. Tim

    No way?! Surely not. That explains all those times I’m overtaking golfs, not specifically golfs, but those other cars on the roads. And I thought it was there incompetence?

    Intriguing stuff.

    1. Admin

      Yeah lol, now we know what was wrong with VW drivers! I promised myself I would never be like that… and what do you think happens… I wonder if Volvo’s have the same problem?

    1. Admin

      Well I thought of that, but it does seem very responsive, I’ve been wanting to do a proper speed test zone, but we don’t have any of those near where I live.


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