The Apple tablet will not be an eBook reader?

Will it come with a complimentary vial of eye drops?

I have no doubt that Apple will soon release a revolutionary new product that will change the way we interact with friends and family online. I believe this device will be the primary way that you interface with social media outlets. It will have a wonderful colour touch screen with a revolutionary new interface that will take your social media to another level – Apple might even throw in an RSS reader that “changes everything”.

However, as much as people night want this to be an eBook reader, indeed need it to be an eBook reader, it’s not going to be one. Why? Because it won’t have electronic ink. Unless Apple pulls off some kind of miracle and comes up with full colour e-Ink device (which I doubt) then it will never be a device conducive for long hours of reading.

I know… Apple will probably have a slew of non-fiction and fiction works available on in iTunes come launch day, but will that make this new device an eBook reader? Yes, you will be able to read books on it, but for how long? It might even have a revolutionary organic LED (OLED) display sourced from one of their suppliers, but will that make it an eBook reader? No, it just won’t last as long on a single battery charge or be as easy on the eyes as the Kindle.

A multimedia device at heart… like it’s brethren before it

Can Apple release a true eBook reader like the kindle with an e-Ink display? Of course they can, but I don’t think the culture in Apple is courageous enough to release a device with a monochrome display, it’s just not part of their DNA, their multimedia roots run too deep. Your movie, TV shows and album art need to be displayed in all their full colour glory. The full cadre of iTunes content need to be viewable on this device.

For the record, will an OLED screen stop me from reading books on my Apple tablet? No way mate, I will be downloading my favourite authors on launch day and reading until the wee hours of the morning, I just need to remember to take my eye drops afterwards…

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