The “New” iPad & Apple TV: where I was right and wrong

I set about over a day ago to write down some of my thoughts on where I thought the iPad was headed and I have to say from a specs point of view I pretty much nailed it, with the exception of one important factor: no 3D maps… yet. My projection of the Apple TV however was an utter failure on almost all counts…

Read on the find out where I was right and wrong.

Apple TV failure

I was wrong about the Apple TV. It’s still a hobby, there was no rebirth, and no major content deals were announced. Sure it did get a bit of a UI cleanup, but thats all it was. Sadly Siri is not invited to your next home movie night with friends. The Apple TV does not have a beefy enough processor to support a major gaming announcement in the next cycle, so we can kiss away playing the new Infinity Blad Dungeons on the Apple TV. I still think Apple could steel a huge amount of market share from Microsoft and Sony. They could kick the ball out of the park… oh sorry no sports games on the Apple TV yet.

The “new” iPad quad core graphics processor

The chip was indeed the rumoured A5X – a dual core chip with much beefier graphics capabilities care of a quad core graphics unit.

I think this is a master stroke by Apple, not only have they removed the unnecessary waste of adding a power hungry quad core chip to the “New” iPad, but they have handed games and app developers the next level while keeping the same threading and development framework with dual processors. I would love to see Android tablets try and keep up.

I correctly felt that if Apple were to introduce a retina display, then they could use a dual core display with “much faster graphics” capabilities. I was right on that count. The strange part about this was that I was right on both options I presented! It indeed does have a quad core chip in it… just not a quad core cpu, but a quad core gpu. So if you read that post in the fine light of todays sunshine (I’m not a revisionist at heart… honest!) I can honestly say I predicted both scenarios correctly… it’s strange days indeed. Rimmer would be proud.

The much rumoured iPad retina display

I was wrong on this count, the iPad did come with a retina display. While I could wriggle out of it by quoting some squirrel phrases, I won’t, I’m a man enough to know when I’m wrong. That doesn’t mean I can’t make excuses… the whole iOS 6 / Ars Technica thing was probably a red herring after all. Of course 5.1 has retina support!

Name change / truncation to the “new” iPad

No one saw the confusion coming.

LTE support

I was dead on the money. LTE was included… but I missed one important factor for iPad users in Australia; the modem doesn’t work on Telstra’s LTE network at 1800mhz.

I’m struggling to process the implications of this it raises a few questions. Will Apple release an iPad in the next refresh (a year from now) that supports 1800mhz? Or will we be stuck in 3G doldrums for the next few years waiting for support?

iPad Camera

No surprises – a better quality camera was included. While it was only 5 MP, it’s still good for filming HD videos.

Conclusion: No 3D maps or iOS 6… yet

I left this to last because I was the most wrong. While I think Apple are still working on 3D maps, I feel they have a released an iPad more than capable of delivering a great user experience with LTE and a quad core processor… and more importantly, better than a quad core cpu, it’s a quad core gpu that will deliver silky smooth 3D graphics on the retina display. Not only is this great for game developers, but Apple has a device that can handle 3D maps when it’s released in this current cycle later this year.

My musings about about an iOS release on the iPad before the “new” iPhone “5” or whatever they plan on calling it was way off and I should have known better.

What do you think? Did I get it mostly right or mostly wrong? Do you have other thoughts?