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I got to use the awesome FISH! branding when I built the new FISH! section of the pd training site

A few years ago my Pastor, Ps Andrew showed us a very cool video at a morning staff meeting. It was a wonderful story about how a group of fish mongers kicked the habit of being constantly complaining about their work environment, co-workers, boss and general working conditions and just chose to live their work-lives in a less agressive and more positive way.

Something fundamental, deep down the culture of their company changed… and their message was so powerful that it went viral on Youtube a few years ago.

I was totally transfixed by the fish video, I think it went for about 8 minutes or so and it made such an impact on my life that I realised something. No matter how bad your own job can get, there will always be someone else in the world who is up to their elbows in fish guts.

I think that there is always something to complain about in life. It could be an attitude that won’t win you any friends at work, or an office-cave to hide in when you can’t confront an important issue that needs to be addressed. It could be not thinking about the person working next to you. The worst one of all is how you relate to customers, are you grumpy and short? Do you give them 100% attention? or do you engage with them and make them feel like the are the only person in the room?

So I was very pleased when at work a few weeks ago we all went through the FISH! training course as a team and I got my chance to do the real FISH! video program!!

What I loved about it that its given our team a framework that does a number of things. These four “practices” help teams create an extremely fertile and empowering customer service atmosphere.

Here are the four FISH! “practices” (from the Chart House website):

BE THERE is being emotionally present for people. It’s a powerful message of respect that strengthens relationships.

PLAY is tapping into your natural way of being creative and having fun. It allows curiosity and enthusiasm to flow in childlike wonder without being childish. Play is an attitude you can bring to everything you do.

MAKE THEIR DAY is about valuing the people you lead, and constantly finding ways to show how much you appreciate them.

CHOOSE YOUR ATTITUDE means taking responsibility for how you want to show up for the people you lead. While you can’t control what happens to you, you can decide how to respond. You control your attitude, instead of your attitude controlling you.

The course that we participated in as a team ran for about 4 hours, but it just wasn’t long enough for all the cool activities and fun games that we got to play while learning about the practices, so Julie and Troy (our two awesome trainers!!) are going to make it a one day course.

I’m really excited about being involved in the development (mainly web stuff) of our new Fish training courses section at pd training. I had alot of fun making this “category page” of the site nice and fishy. I’m very pleased with the result. It’s been great having fun with design on this mini-project and it was particularly fun collaborating with my boss Paul and also Julie Watson to figuring out how FISH! can help companies around Australia bring  a new culture to their organisations… quite alot of white-boarding happened! I really love white-boarding ideas.

I think that FISH! can have a very positive influence on the morale and performance of any team – customer service teams in particular. If you are looking for a way to empower individuals and teams in your company then FISH! is a wonderful tool that will draw and knit your team together in a wonderful way.

Here is a link to the FISH! courses:

3 thoughts on “The FISH! Philosophy – team building training courses for changing organisational culture

  1. Ben Harris

    Hi Matt,

    A great read, and a topic that is very close to my heart. Are you able to keep me in the loop with things like this? Hope you’re doing well.

    1. webmaster Post author

      Hey Ben!
      I’m doing great, and you’re getting closer now to married life!! It’s so awesome!
      Would you use fish training at some stage in the future?


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