My website now has a Google Page Speed score of 95

Google Page Speed Score of 95 for

Google Page Speed Score of 95 for

I have now cracked a page speed score of 95 for Google Page Speed!

Update: it’s currently 94 :(
Update: it’s back to 95 :)

For the longest time while tweaking the site it hovered at the 89 mark. So after about six months of speed tweaking and a fair bit of research to get it over the 90 mark, I’m happy to say that it has gone even higher than I expected.

I plan on describing in detail how I have done this and also (more importantly) explain why having a fast website is a crucial business decision for anyone wanting to increase engagement metrics for a website.

More-over it will be a series of articles that I will use to launch my new website, (don’t go there yet, nothing to see so far)!

Here are a few reasons why a high Page Speed Score is important:

  1. Page speed means that people won’t wait long for your site to initially load
  2. A fast site means that people will spend more time on it
  3. If people spend more time on your site, then they are more likely to buy
  4. If people buy your products and it increases your bottom line, then it was a worthwhile exercise.

Getting a high Google Page Speed score is not a panacea, it’s more an indication that you are doing all the right things and headed in the right direction.

Site Speed is the real key, and not only does Site Speed play an important role in your overall user engagement on a site, but Google has now added page speed a a signal in their algorithm.

If you are looking for help making your website faster, feel free to contact me here.

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  1. Danila

    If you are really interested in getting high website response besides high page speed score, there is an easy tool for that:
    It will install and configure mod_pagespeed and MySQL settings for performance as well as Zend Optimizer+ for faster PHP websites. Very useful tool for developers.


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