Stromlo Observatory Canberra

We are moving to Canberra

Hi family & friends!

Sarah has been offered a position as an Astrophysicist at Mount Stromlo Observatory in Canberra.

She will be starting in mid July and I reckon I will tag along as well.

Her role at Stromlo will be to study how galaxies change shape as they age. This project will use a spectrograph located on the Gemini South telescope in Chile. We will get the best of Chile and Canberra;international opportunities to travel and while staying close to family.

This particular instrument uses adaptive optics to correct for atmospheric influences and gives equal or better results compared to the Hubble space telescope. View more information about the Gemini South Adaptive Optics Imager (GSAOI).

I want to thank my pastors Andrew & Vanessa Hoyes for their amazing leadership over the last 10 years. I would not be the leader I am today without Andrew’s persistent input and grace. Vanessa has also had a profound effect on my gender intelligence after many many sound mixes for the sisterhood each week!

A few highlights from the last 10 years on the Gold Coast in no particular order:

  • Planted Generation Church with my pastors – Ps Andrew & Vanessa Hoyes
  • Learnt much about internet marketing, funnel optimisation and content development
  • Got married to the woman of my dreams and joined her awesome family!
  • Discovered paddle-boarding at Currumbin Alley
  • Bought a house with Sarah and renovated it – including installing a kitchen
  • Became an uncle five times over 😀
  • Made some life-long friends!

Advantages and disadvantages of living and working in Canberra


  • A few wonderful pubs
  • Some great micro-breweries
  • Great shopping… including taking home a few brews


  1. Canberra is cold
    This may be so, but it also has wonderful opportunities to get warm! hehe.
    The snow fields are nearby too.
  2. Canberra is boring
    Only boring people say that Canberra is boring. There is always something interesting to do for interested people. The National Carillon is fascinating… did you know it has 55 bells?
  3. Canberra is full of bureaucrats

One thought on “We are moving to Canberra

  1. Peter Widdowson

    Congratulations, Sarah,on great job offer in Canberra. Will miss you’re sunny faces and great voices at Generation. So pleased you took to paddle boarding. Always feel free to call if you need any medical, general or other advice or just a hi. Mobile 0400784776. All the best
    Peter and Lynda Widdowson.


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