Google Analytics now resolves to

Imagine my surprise when over lunch I logged into my Google Analytics account to check on the status of traffic to my clients websites, only to find the following error:

Google Analytics changed domain name.

So it looks like Google has redirected Analytics from to

The reason why I couldn’t see is because that domain is blocked by Steven Black’s very impressive list of blocked sites hosts file.

I wanted to minimise the amount of ad tracking and ads on my computer and the google analytics endpoint where all GA tracking goes to was therefore also blocked by my hosts file. Now that Google Analytics resolves to the same domain as the GA tracking endpoint, I can no longer see the site.

Well played Google 😉

Now that Google has changed the domain name for the Google Analytics reporting panel today, I have had no choice but to comment out the following line from my (now massive) hosts file whenever I need to access reporting. Like so:

Google Analytics domain blocked in hosts file

After logging into Google Analytics and perusing website traffic reports, it was just a simple matter of uncommenting line 28321 and then running the following command in Mac Terminal:

$ dscacheutil -flushcache;sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder

Problem solved.

Yes I know… the irony.

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