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Will the new iPad work on Telstra’s 4G network?

Apple iPad LTE not available in Telstra in AustraliaIn news that has disappointed many potential iPad buyers in Australia (including yours truly), the 4G LTE modem in Apple’s “new” iPad is not compatible with Telstra’s new spanking fast LTE network.

Telstra only took the wrapping off their LTE network a few months ago after extensive testing in Sydney yielded very satisfactory results.

There may be a consolation prize though.

Read on to find out what it is.

The “New” iPad & Apple TV: where I was right and wrong

I set about over a day ago to write down some of my thoughts on where I thought the iPad was headed and I have to say from a specs point of view I pretty much nailed it, with the exception of one important factor: no 3D maps… yet. My projection of the Apple TV however was an utter failure on almost all counts…

Read on the find out where I was right and wrong.

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Apple TV: Is tomorrow more than just a hobby?

Siri Remote control for Apple TVI have been waiting for a time when Apple would draw all of it’s offerings together in one wholly integrated ecosystem. I think the final two products standing outside their walled garden are OS X and the Apple TV. Steve Jobs famously called the Apple TV a “Hobby” and the haphazard development of the product has shown Apple as a somewhat disinterested parent.

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Is 3D mapping coming to the iPad 3?

I’m very much looking forward to Apple’s announcement for the iPad 3 on Wednesday (Thursday morning early Australian eastern time). I have a suspicion this will be the biggest upgrade of the iPad yet. Apple tends to have a major release cycle of iPhones every two years with a minor spec update every alternate year. I think this was the case with the iPad 2, it received a speed bump, a slimmer and lighter case and cameras – certainly a worthy incremental upgrade to one of their iOS devices. So based on Apple’s pattern of behaviour(s), I think the iPad 3 will be their first major overhaul of the iPad. So I am adding my 3 cents :) to the mass of speculation out there.

Read on to find out my reasons for why I think Apple will up the specs on the next iPad.

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How I fixed my dead wireless Apple bluetooth Keyboard… with steel wool

For the last year I have been without my constant Apple companion… my bluetooth wireless keyboard. I never left home without it until one day a year ago it just stopped working, for no reason. It was out cold, dead and lifeless, like a piece of lifeless space junk it drifted… around my desk, bedroom, top draw, bottom draw till finally rested for months in a plastic container with all my other dead end gadgets.

Until one day I did a google search to see if anyone else had the same issue!

Fortunately someone else had the same problem, asking the same question I had in a forum somewhere “why is my wireless keyboard dead?”. Everyone had a possible answer, batteries. No!

The issue wasn’t actually with dead batteries but with the contact that the batteries made inside the keyboard. Apparently over time the springs ware out a bit, much like Grandma’s old spring mattress and need a bit of help to make the difference.

The fix? Grab some steel wool from the kitchen and tear off a small piece, take out the batteries and pop in the steel wool, put the batteries back in and it should work!

Failing all else (and I do think this is a last resort) take it in to your nearest Apple store for a warranty claim.


The Apple tablet will not be an eBook reader?

Will it come with a complimentary vial of eye drops?

I have no doubt that Apple will soon release a revolutionary new product that will change the way we interact with friends and family online. I believe this device will be the primary way that you interface with social media outlets. It will have a wonderful colour touch screen with a revolutionary new interface that will take your social media to another level – Apple might even throw in an RSS reader that “changes everything”. Continue reading “The Apple tablet will not be an eBook reader?” »