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Where to Buy iPhone? Vodafone or Optus, But No TELSTRA!

Curiously enough, the “Where to Buy” page on Apples store for the new iPhone 3G does not have a link to Telstra, only Optus and Vodafone.

I must admit, I’m really suprised by this, I was expecting Telstra to pick up the iPhone, I guess negotions didn’t go Telstra’s way…

It’s a shame really, Telstra has by far and away the best 3G coverage of any provider, so it remains to be seen if Telstra will add it’s own link to the Apple store:


Its Easy To Be Cynical about Hillsong and MegaChurches

After reading Mega Church Watch I have come to the conclusion (or maybe I did years ago) that it’s alot easier to form cynical attitudes to things that grow than applaud someone or something thats doing better than you are.

I love the fact that things grow, I don’t sit around being resentful that the tree outside my window is growing do I?

I’m growing too, just differently to the tree. I don’t get hurt and resentful because I’m not growing as fast as the sapling outside – it just grows differently to me.

When something is growing and baring fruit in the form of local and international mission, fostering the growth of individuals in the workplace, then at best give it praise, at worst leave it alone.

The tall poppy syndrome is alive and well in Australia.

As Christians, shouldn’t we know better?

Or is the syncretistic appropriation of secular values ok?

Venturer HD DVD Player

Every now an again there comes a moment when an industry is defined from two separate (and disparate) camps into one.

Venturer has announced their sub USD$200 HD-DVD player will ship before the holiday season.

It’s pretty awesome, blue-ray needs to get smart and soon, this is a paradigm defining product that will create ripples for years if Sony and cronies down’t come up with an answer soon.

Venturer Press release

Gizmodo Australia article

iPhone released – hit Australia?

A mate of mine was at work today and the brother of one of his co-workers turned up (having just landed from the states) with a red-hot iPhone coolly hanging from his left mit! Aaron (my mate) got the chance to polish it for a few minutes while trying out some cool moves reviewers from over the pond have been raving about.

Pinching with the fingers to enlarge and shrink images, very smooth!

This fella didn’t have roaming enabled, so he didn’t get to go any further than the froth and bubble, but still, Aaron (damn you!) has been the closest almost all of us here down under have gotten to the little blighter.

Now for the wait (you yanks thought you had it bad with 6 months!) we will have to wait at least another 12 before it materialises…

John Howard as “The Greatest Living Australian”

I thought I would do my bit to pronounce our Prime Minister John Howard as “The Greatest Living Australian”.

The man has done so many great things for Australia. After seeing the latest budget, I am amazed at how he has taken us from disaster to a prosperous country.

If you want to see what it takes to be “The greatest living American” on google, take a look at this article.

TiVo and Church

I have a theory,

Ever since the inception of TV, television has had a big impact on Church attendance. TV is an essentially static medium as far as time goes, essentially, you are bound to watching a program when it airs, rather than picking and chosing when to watch a show based on your schedule. I really do think that the inflexibility of TV from a time perspective has kept people away from church when they need to be there the most.

How many people miss church to Australian Idol on a Sunday night?

It’s only been the emergence of bittorent and other “disruptive technologies” that has allowed people to:

  • Pick and choose the content they want to see
  • Decide when they want to see it (time-shifting)
  • Decide where they want to view it (space-shifting)

Up till now, if you wanted to watch a TV program you have one of two options. Either watch it when it airs in your living room, or whereever a TV happens to be present, or record it to a static medium such as video tape or recordable DVD.

From a usability prespective, TV is perfect, you switch it on, alter the volume and change channels.

From a time perspective, TV is less than perfect, the programming executive at the TV station picks and chooses when you watch a specific piece of content.

Time-shifting – the ability to view a piece of content whenever you want to will change the way people interact with content in the future. Essentially, the content is downloaded when it becomes available and later viewed at the discretion of the user.

Space-shifting – the ability to move a particular piece of content between devices so that the content can be viewed in a number of different settings at the convenience of the user. This will become more and more prevalent as mobile media playback devices become more prevalent. Traditionally, this has involved copying to CD, tape or DVD, but has been expanded to include digital music/video players, mobile devices and set-top boxes.

TiVo was the first mass market consumer device to allow people to time-shift content easily and simply. All you have to do is bring up the show guide and select the programs that you want to save to the TiVo’s large hard disk drive for later viewing. It’s a great concept and it works. You can even erase last weeks ephisode with the new ephisode to conserve disk space. It’s easy, non-messy and doesn’t involve programming VCR’s and dealing with video tapes.

More to come soon!

My first piece of art


This may very well have been one of my first pieces of art. I would have made it at kindy in 1978. Mum found it while sorting through some of Grandmas old pictures. Arn’t Grandma’s awesome! She held onto it for all these years! I’m thinking of incorporating some of it into a new website design.

Notice the name “Tjilari” at the bottom of the picture? That was my aboriginal name, given to me because someone had recently died with the name “Matthew” when we arrived in Central Australia.

Spinifex Dad


This is me with my Dad in December 78′. Dad is an amazing Pastor and preacher of the word! He’s been doing it for nearly 30 years! Wow, if I can accomplish half the thing that he has in his ministry I will be a very satisfied man.

  • Worked as a missionary to the aboriginal people of central Australia, built many houses, ran a phenominally prosperous trucking company and saw one of Australias largest cattle stations compelely taberculosis and Brucolocis free by the time he finished in 1982.
  • Worked in Northern Queensland as the regional Education and Training officer for a very large area.
  • Moved the family to Brisbane in 1987 where he took up a post as a pastor and not long after as the senior pastor of Logan Uniting Church
  • Planted a church out of Logan Uniting at Carbrook in 1989, it became it’s own parish in 1993 and Dad moved on to be the Senior pastor there, it then became Calvary Family Church.
  • At Carbrook, Dad established a vision for a K to 12 school as well as Aged care facility and church facilities.
  • In 1996 Dad and Mum felt the call to leave the Uniting Church due to the Uniting Churches stance on sexuality, open relationships and the ordination of Gay clergy.
  • All of his leadership team left with him
  • All of his church congregation left with him
  • Calvary Family Church was established with the word of God as it’s foundation
  • Mum soon came on board to co-pastor the church with Dad
  • from 1996 – 2004 the church has grown from 250 on the role to over 900 on the role

And! I can only say that the best is yet to come. Dad has extraordinary gifts with an incredible capacity to build into, lead and mobilize people.

It’s going to be wonderful to see what else he will achieve in this lifetime.

Spinifex kid!


Wow! This is me as a boy beside a road in the middle of Australia. I spent the first 6 years of my life there with the Australian Aborigines. You could say I was a spinifex kid and in many ways I still am!