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Google+ Todo List

Hi Google!

A few things for you todo for me:
  • Send me an invite for G+ (DONE)
  • Fix up Google Apps Profiles, I know you are working on it! (thanks for finally making my apps account a dinky-di Google Account!) (DONE)
  • Figure out how to move my old “Matthew Sweet” stuff from one account to another… and not make it hard. (MMM, not yet)
  • Add a chrome +1 extension that allows me to tag circles of sites and articles I think my friends will love
  • Tight integration between Spark and Reader – Reader is my favourite Social Network (YUP)
  • And kill facebook by respecting our privacy… I know you can do it, it’s in your DNA. (You’re on you way – 90m+ users)

Thanks Google!

Matt Sweet

How I fixed my dead wireless Apple bluetooth Keyboard… with steel wool

For the last year I have been without my constant Apple companion… my bluetooth wireless keyboard. I never left home without it until one day a year ago it just stopped working, for no reason. It was out cold, dead and lifeless, like a piece of lifeless space junk it drifted… around my desk, bedroom, top draw, bottom draw till finally rested for months in a plastic container with all my other dead end gadgets.

Until one day I did a google search to see if anyone else had the same issue!

Fortunately someone else had the same problem, asking the same question I had in a forum somewhere “why is my wireless keyboard dead?”. Everyone had a possible answer, batteries. No!

The issue wasn’t actually with dead batteries but with the contact that the batteries made inside the keyboard. Apparently over time the springs ware out a bit, much like Grandma’s old spring mattress and need a bit of help to make the difference.

The fix? Grab some steel wool from the kitchen and tear off a small piece, take out the batteries and pop in the steel wool, put the batteries back in and it should work!

Failing all else (and I do think this is a last resort) take it in to your nearest Apple store for a warranty claim.


Finally… Google Apps is no longer a second class citizen

Google is now adding support for Picasa, Google Reader, AdWords, News, Finance, and other products for Google Apps.

This is a good move on Googles part. It’s been a long bug-bear of mind to keep an apps account, gmail account and google account for all my services. I just hope I can roll my existing google account into my google apps account withoout too many hassles.

Continue reading via TechCrunch

The Apple tablet will not be an eBook reader?

Will it come with a complimentary vial of eye drops?

I have no doubt that Apple will soon release a revolutionary new product that will change the way we interact with friends and family online. I believe this device will be the primary way that you interface with social media outlets. It will have a wonderful colour touch screen with a revolutionary new interface that will take your social media to another level – Apple might even throw in an RSS reader that “changes everything”. Continue reading

Why I will be driving at 95 kmph in 100 kmph zones on Queensland roads

I’m annoyed right now at the Queensland Governments policy of enforcing speed limits. They are currently trialing digital cameras with no margin of error.

This means that you will no longer be booked at 67Km p/h on Queensland roads in a 60 zone, you will be booked at 61Km p/h.

I’m not looking for an excuse to speed. As a sensible driver over the last 15 years I have had not one speeding ticket. I am, shall we call it, a “sedate” driver. I take driving very calmly and see driving as a journey, not a destination.

I really enjoy it. Continue reading

My “issues” with Australian marsupials

We have a possum infestation here – 4 or 5 possums have made their home on our roof at night… our roof has been dubbed “Possum Highway” so over the last month or so I haven’t had a single decent night of sleep!

They wander around up there at all hours – padding back and forth and indulging in the odd “Possum Fight”.

Until a few days ago I was usually awoken by a heavy “thunk” as a possum throws itself mightily from a nearby tree branch… the entire tree is now gone… I chopped it down in desperation. Actually “Chopped” might not be the correct way of putting it… I lept “mightily” from the roof onto the tree and snapped it in half. Dad was watching me do this and thought it was hilarious.

So I’m about ready to strangle them!

An hour ago I chain sawed another branch down on the other side of the house in an effort to reduce access points onto our roof… I hope tonight will yield some success in this endeavour!

Recent google searches on

I managed to find this interesting page on the forum.

Interestingly enough it popped up in a google search!

I would say it’s a page one of the developers stuck up as a helpful way of showing what visitors have searched for on google over the last 2 minutes.

There are literally hundreds of search phrases and the corresponding page link.

I’m not sure if they intended the page to be indexed by google, a simple noindex meta tag would fix that.

Here it is:
(Note: This link no longer works)


A couple of websites I have recently built

I have recently been building a few websites for clients, some projects have been fairly involved, and others have been pretty simple to get up and running. Here is a list of the latest ones from the last few weeks:

They have been fun to setup, the first project took around 12 – 14 hours to complete, the second site (much simpler) took approximately 3.5 hours to build.