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I just started a Stand Up Paddle Board blog!

A few months ago I went Stand Up Paddle Boarding with Alan Lim from church for the first time. With a bit of a “crew” in tow be proceeded to tare up the alley down at Leo’s Currumbin SUP hire for an amazing 2 1/2 hours.

I loved the experience so much that I decided to start my own SUP blog to record my experiences Suppin and also explore the possibility of selling SUP boards & accessories online.

So I created my first blog chronicling my experiences that day, so go on over and check out my first SUP blog post.

Recent google searches on

I managed to find this interesting page on the forum.

Interestingly enough it popped up in a google search!

I would say it’s a page one of the developers stuck up as a helpful way of showing what visitors have searched for on google over the last 2 minutes.

There are literally hundreds of search phrases and the corresponding page link.

I’m not sure if they intended the page to be indexed by google, a simple noindex meta tag would fix that.

Here it is:
(Note: This link no longer works)