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My “issues” with Australian marsupials

We have a possum infestation here – 4 or 5 possums have made their home on our roof at night… our roof has been dubbed “Possum Highway” so over the last month or so I haven’t had a single decent night of sleep!

They wander around up there at all hours – padding back and forth and indulging in the odd “Possum Fight”.

Until a few days ago I was usually awoken by a heavy “thunk” as a possum throws itself mightily from a nearby tree branch… the entire tree is now gone… I chopped it down in desperation. Actually “Chopped” might not be the correct way of putting it… I lept “mightily” from the roof onto the tree and snapped it in half. Dad was watching me do this and thought it was hilarious.

So I’m about ready to strangle them!

An hour ago I chain sawed another branch down on the other side of the house in an effort to reduce access points onto our roof… I hope tonight will yield some success in this endeavour!