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Why I will be driving at 95 kmph in 100 kmph zones on Queensland roads

I’m annoyed right now at the Queensland Governments policy of enforcing speed limits. They are currently trialing digital cameras with no margin of error.

This means that you will no longer be booked at 67Km p/h on Queensland roads in a 60 zone, you will be booked at 61Km p/h.

I’m not looking for an excuse to speed. As a sensible driver over the last 15 years I have had not one speeding ticket. I am, shall we call it, a “sedate” driver. I take driving very calmly and see driving as a journey, not a destination.

I really enjoy it. Continue reading “Why I will be driving at 95 kmph in 100 kmph zones on Queensland roads” »

My “issues” with Australian marsupials

We have a possum infestation here – 4 or 5 possums have made their home on our roof at night… our roof has been dubbed “Possum Highway” so over the last month or so I haven’t had a single decent night of sleep!

They wander around up there at all hours – padding back and forth and indulging in the odd “Possum Fight”.

Until a few days ago I was usually awoken by a heavy “thunk” as a possum throws itself mightily from a nearby tree branch… the entire tree is now gone… I chopped it down in desperation. Actually “Chopped” might not be the correct way of putting it… I lept “mightily” from the roof onto the tree and snapped it in half. Dad was watching me do this and thought it was hilarious.

So I’m about ready to strangle them!

An hour ago I chain sawed another branch down on the other side of the house in an effort to reduce access points onto our roof… I hope tonight will yield some success in this endeavour!

I saw an iPhone in the flesh today!

Os Hillman slipped his iPhone out of his left pocket this morning and showed it around to us poor ignorant Aussie’s down here with no iPhones. Funnily enough he didn’t gloat one bit, and he was so nice about it! I didn’t get to touch it, maybe I will get to touch one when Brett Moller finally get around to buying a hacked one on eBay for me to play with! – self esteem and self help guide

I have been working a great new site for my old landlord and now client Bryce Roadley. is starting to look really awesome, we have been putting alot of work into it the last few weeks and I’m excited to see how it will go as a full membership site.

We a using amember, a membership management system to manage what we hope will be a large subscription based site in the (near) future. Also, we are using the excellent 1shoppingcart service for payment and ecart plus their extraordinary auto-responder system. Finally, we are using Joomla for the content management system (CMS) and a variety of Joomla extensions for managing content and making the site SEF (Search engine friendly) and SEO (search engine optimized).

I have been really impressed with the volume of content about a variety of issues such as overcoming fear, self esteem, attitude and leadership that Bryce has been feeding into the site. You can tell he’s very passionate about the subject matter and really wants to see people step confidently into an abundant life.

Make sure you stop by and pick up the free PDF eBook by filling in the form in the top right corner of the site.

What I love about Myspace

There is alot I like about Myspace.

It’s an incredibly viral and sticky site.

What I mean is, it’s addictive and I keep wanting to come back for more.

I love how you can customise your profile to look any way you want.

Looking for old friends is like a game, a kind of synthetic hide and seek!

Most of my friends are on it.

I can let people know what I’m up to with bulletins.

There are alot of cool things about myspace that make it unreal!

John Howard as “The Greatest Living Australian”

I thought I would do my bit to pronounce our Prime Minister John Howard as “The Greatest Living Australian”.

The man has done so many great things for Australia. After seeing the latest budget, I am amazed at how he has taken us from disaster to a prosperous country.

If you want to see what it takes to be “The greatest living American” on google, take a look at this article.