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I saw an iPhone in the flesh today!

Os Hillman slipped his iPhone out of his left pocket this morning and showed it around to us poor ignorant Aussie’s down here with no iPhones. Funnily enough he didn’t gloat one bit, and he was so nice about it! I didn’t get to touch it, maybe I will get to touch one when Brett Moller finally get around to buying a hacked one on eBay for me to play with! – self esteem and self help guide

I have been working a great new site for my old landlord and now client Bryce Roadley. is starting to look really awesome, we have been putting alot of work into it the last few weeks and I’m excited to see how it will go as a full membership site.

We a using amember, a membership management system to manage what we hope will be a large subscription based site in the (near) future. Also, we are using the excellent 1shoppingcart service for payment and ecart plus their extraordinary auto-responder system. Finally, we are using Joomla for the content management system (CMS) and a variety of Joomla extensions for managing content and making the site SEF (Search engine friendly) and SEO (search engine optimized).

I have been really impressed with the volume of content about a variety of issues such as overcoming fear, self esteem, attitude and leadership that Bryce has been feeding into the site. You can tell he’s very passionate about the subject matter and really wants to see people step confidently into an abundant life.

Make sure you stop by and pick up the free PDF eBook by filling in the form in the top right corner of the site.

Venturer HD DVD Player

Every now an again there comes a moment when an industry is defined from two separate (and disparate) camps into one.

Venturer has announced their sub USD$200 HD-DVD player will ship before the holiday season.

It’s pretty awesome, blue-ray needs to get smart and soon, this is a paradigm defining product that will create ripples for years if Sony and cronies down’t come up with an answer soon.

Venturer Press release

Gizmodo Australia article

Charity Computers

Hi Just spent two days with a fellow Pastor Ian Rumsey at Charity Computers in our nations capital.

I wasn’t sure what to expect but to say I was blown away when we entered their massive warehouse was an understatement!

I was the size of two tennis courts and stacked with pallet after pallet of donated computers!

They source their computers from Industry and Government and then refurbish the machines which are then sold or given away to other not-for-profit organisations or needy individuals or families in the community.

It’s an amazing way for the church to connect with the community and help people get a computer when it’s financially impossible for say a single parent family to afford a new PC.

What I love about Myspace

There is alot I like about Myspace.

It’s an incredibly viral and sticky site.

What I mean is, it’s addictive and I keep wanting to come back for more.

I love how you can customise your profile to look any way you want.

Looking for old friends is like a game, a kind of synthetic hide and seek!

Most of my friends are on it.

I can let people know what I’m up to with bulletins.

There are alot of cool things about myspace that make it unreal!

Problems with Myspace – web 1.0 with a 2.0 flavouring

Myspace is web 2.0?


It’s more like a web 1.0 application incorporating social networking concepts.

Problems with Myspace:

1. Interface

You would think that a site worth so much to Murdock would get a major overhaul in the user interface department. It’s seriously lacking, uses very little DHTML or AJAX to speed the overall user experience and has an uneccesarilly number of steps to do simple things like adding friends and comments.

They could learn a whole lot about interface design from Flickr and Digg.

2. It’s the worst looking of the top 10 sites on the net.

OK, I will admit that most designs on myspace are at the mercy of individual users. But how about giving everyone a great headstart by making the default user profile totally awesome?

It lacks the overall refinement of Facebook

It’s so web 1.0 in it’s “look”, it’s so 1998.

3. Stability

I have never know a website to so consistently drop out.

I kid you not.

It seems to have “serious errors” alot… seriously.

4. What it’s built on.


Are you kidding me?

One of the most traffiked websites on the internets and it’s build of CF?

Hey, I love programming CF as much as the next geek, but seriously, let get serious here…

It feels like myspace has been developed by someone like me… not a real programmer, but someone who wants to be one, but lacks the attention to detail to pull it off.

I really think it’s been a victim of it’s own success, growing too quickly to manage it’s expanding user base effectively.


I can’t say that I know everything that goes on behind the scenes, so lets just assume that everything is working great and take it for granted.

Myspace needs a big overhaul, with big challengers like Facebook and virb on their way, Myspace does not have the luxury to sit back on their laurels and expect thier user base to to be ok with a clunky interface, site errors and the small stuff.

John Howard as “The Greatest Living Australian”

I thought I would do my bit to pronounce our Prime Minister John Howard as “The Greatest Living Australian”.

The man has done so many great things for Australia. After seeing the latest budget, I am amazed at how he has taken us from disaster to a prosperous country.

If you want to see what it takes to be “The greatest living American” on google, take a look at this article.