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Resurgent Church plant Montreal 2015

My old pastors are planting a church in Montreal in 2015!

After 10 years of Generation Church on the Gold Coast, Andrew & Vanessa Hoyes are planting a church in Montreal, Quebec!

I’m so excited for them, they are handing over Generation Church on the Gold Coast to Hillsong and everyone at Generation will join the launch of Hillsong Church Gold Coast next weekend at the Gold Coast Arts Centre.

The church they are pioneering is called Resurgent Church, and after Ps Andrew called me and told me the news I was immediately drawn to the incredible images that the word “Resurgence” invokes.

I was also given the wonderful privilege of being asked by the Hoyes to build the website and church branding. We launched it yesterday at Generation’s final service. It was a bit of a rush to the finish line, but I’m happy with the result and they are delighted with their new branding and final website design.

It has been an amazing journey the last 10 years with Andrew & Vanessa, I have learnt so much about leading people, about leading myself, and most importantly I have grown as a man of God under their leadership.

I can’t wait to see what God will do with them in Montreal, as they lead a new church in a new city I know that God will bless them with an abundance, with good people and an even stronger apostolic mandate.

If you feel a calling to “pioneering” a new church, growing in your own leadership and of course the city of Montreal, why not get involved?

There are three ways you can be involved with Resurgent:

  1. Pioneer: Actually go to Montreal in 2015 and help plant the church! More info about Resurgent Church planting here.
  2. Partner: The church needs faithful partners to sow financially into the mission of Resurgent Church. More information on how you can partner with Resurgent Church financially here.
  3. Pray: Every church plant must be bathed in prayer. Find out more about Resurgent Churches prayer needs here.


Charity Computers

Hi Just spent two days with a fellow Pastor Ian Rumsey at Charity Computers in our nations capital.

I wasn’t sure what to expect but to say I was blown away when we entered their massive warehouse was an understatement!

I was the size of two tennis courts and stacked with pallet after pallet of donated computers!

They source their computers from Industry and Government and then refurbish the machines which are then sold or given away to other not-for-profit organisations or needy individuals or families in the community.

It’s an amazing way for the church to connect with the community and help people get a computer when it’s financially impossible for say a single parent family to afford a new PC.


I have been listening to Bill Hybels Podcast today. He was preaching from the book of Malachi. He is one of the most passionate and thought provoking speakers I have ever heard.

Malachi is all about living a life of excellence by offering your best to God, not your second best!

God hates scraps, it’s a hard message to hear, but he commands our best.

As leaders, we are responsible to build an ever increasing level of excellence in our businesses and ministries.

Things left untouched, will decrease, but we need to allow God to work though our lives to increase.

This requires effort and hard work, not settling for mediocrity or second best but offering every area of our life to Him as a pleasing and acceptable offering.

Generation Church – the vison and mission of the house!!!


Generation Church - expectation

Pastor Vanessa on Sunday morning reiterated the sound that our house has been making for many months!

She clearly verbalised our vision and mission statements so clearly that I was overcome with dumbness! Of course! Duh…

Vision: A house of healing, a house of hope, a house that brings heaven to earth.

Mission: Serving locally, impacting globally.

I was so excited to hear it. We are now two years old and allthough I have always carried the vision of the house in my heart, I now can carry it on my lips too!

With those who ask “what is the vision of Generation Church?”, I can give them a very clear answer in seconds rather than rambling on for five minutes.

Multi-Site tech


We have managed to traverse a potentially error prone and disasterous move to new offices with flying colours!!

Everything ran very smoothly with our server down less than an hour and a half.

The new studios are phenominal. As the central location for all our IT and multi-sites, it’s the perfect location for hosting a virtual office for multi-sites and pastors working from home.

The building we are in hosts the main fiber-optic link for the Gold Coast, servicing a data centre in our building and Bond University.

Cerum has provisioned a very fast open port onto the internet that has the capacity to easily service 4 or 5 branch offices and campuses across the Gold Coast.

VOIP is perfect for this kind of link, with low latency and high upstream speeds. We can potentially even host our own websites and streaming servers there, right from within our own offices.

I’m in the process of working with Faktortel and Dean Davis from Cerum to build our own IAX Server to host all our IP phones spread across all sites. Ah the wonders of open source software!

Over the next week, the PBX (phone server) will be built and tested with each of the 12 VOIP handests we currently have.

Initially we were going to host our phones on a Virtual PBX from Faktortel, but due to restrictions with NAT traversal and stun servers with our 6 Polycom i301 handsets, we needed to build our own VOIP server located on the same subnet as the phones.

Which means that we get our own PBX 3 months ahead of time!

The next few things to happen over the coming weeks:

  1. Terminal Server – Allows pastors and sites to access Excellerate externally
  2. VPN – binding all site networks to the server through encrypted tunnels.

Muti-Campus Church

Well, we are about to embark on a new chapter at Generation Church.

Multi-Site church.

Tomorrow we plant our first service at Pacific Pines on the north side of the Gold Coast.

It’s exciting times as we see our church grow and expand to new levels. I would not have though we would reach this point after only 18 months of ministry as a team on the Gold Coast.

Every part of my life is being stretched right now and I’m loving it. How much more easy is it to be stretched whan you are doing something you love? It makes the journey so much easier.

And so the Generation Journey continues, faithfully and forcefully moving forward.

As I prayed while walking the streets of Helensvale doing a letterbox drop, I could only imagine salvation in those streets. We passed home after home filled with dreams and visions of unchurched people yet to be realised. They need to know the freedom and hope that God has to offer them through the church. My prayer is that our church, and every church in our area will touch their lives with power and see dynamic and transformational change in our city.