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I have been listening to Bill Hybels Podcast today. He was preaching from the book of Malachi. He is one of the most passionate and thought provoking speakers I have ever heard.

Malachi is all about living a life of excellence by offering your best to God, not your second best!

God hates scraps, it’s a hard message to hear, but he commands our best.

As leaders, we are responsible to build an ever increasing level of excellence in our businesses and ministries.

Things left untouched, will decrease, but we need to allow God to work though our lives to increase.

This requires effort and hard work, not settling for mediocrity or second best but offering every area of our life to Him as a pleasing and acceptable offering.

Content Filtering – stopping harmful websites

I’ve been researching Content Filtering technologies for our church network.

Basically content filtering monitors any incoming webpages and filters them according to their content. It filters porn and any other content that may be inappropriate for minors and team members here at church.

ContentKeeper Technologies: Internet Content Filtering Solutions

Content Keeper looks like a pretty good solution. It’s pretty cost effective – about $50 per year for each computer on the network.

Rebellious youth!

I was just reading about Anthony LaVey’s son Jess, who rebelled against his father and the “Church of Satan” to become a Christian as a teeneager.

I can just picture him now in the school yard, down behind the toilet block….
“hey Jess, you got some of the good stuff?”
“Yeah Johnny, I got something here you need real bad”
“Really, what have you got for me?”
“A tract bro, on holiness, just for you…”

Or how about his mother searching his room…
“Anthony, I’m worried about Jess, I think he’s up to something really bad and mixing with the wrong crowd, I just found a bible in his room.”

Anyway, I just thought how funny the tables can turn in any situation, for some reason, he was running from his parents into the right direction, rather than the wrong one!


What is freedom?
This is a difficult question to ask because there may be as many answers as are people on this big blue planet. What does it mean to be free? Some people think that it has to do with being financially free, others feel that freedom is liberation from an oppressive regime. I want to put forward an entirely different thesis.
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God’s Grace

I’m constantly amazed and in awe of the amazing grace that God has given us. Even when I look at myself, someone who naturally speaking has little on the side of gift, for some reason being used by God in His purposes. I don’t really understand why, only God see’s the potential I have. But even I can see, as bereft as I am of any sustaining worth fulfilling all the purposes He has for me.
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