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Its Easy To Be Cynical about Hillsong and MegaChurches

After reading Mega Church Watch I have come to the conclusion (or maybe I did years ago) that it’s alot easier to form cynical attitudes to things that grow than applaud someone or something thats doing better than you are.

I love the fact that things grow, I don’t sit around being resentful that the tree outside my window is growing do I?

I’m growing too, just differently to the tree. I don’t get hurt and resentful because I’m not growing as fast as the sapling outside – it just grows differently to me.

When something is growing and baring fruit in the form of local and international mission, fostering the growth of individuals in the workplace, then at best give it praise, at worst leave it alone.

The tall poppy syndrome is alive and well in Australia.

As Christians, shouldn’t we know better?

Or is the syncretistic appropriation of secular values ok?

Weird Hillsong Conference Ticket

Here is my Hillsong Conference Ticket:

Anyone who is mildly supersticious might find this moderatly alarming, but not me! I thought is was…


Hillsong Conference Ticket with 666 on it

If you look carefully, circled in red is my seat number 666!

I actually didn’t end up going to conference, I gave the tickets away.

If you came here to register for conference, try here, you will have better luck on the Hillsong Conference website if you want to order tickets for Hillsong Conference 2007!

Attending Hillsong College – my experiences

All I can say is that Hillsong College was the best experience of my life. Over the next few paragraphs I will try my best to encapsulate into words what a phenomenal impact that going to Hillsong Leadership College (or the official name “Hillsong International Leadership College”) for three years had on my life. Continue reading “Attending Hillsong College – my experiences” »

Promo Video

Click here Take a look at our promo video for our church! Nick Khoo from Hillsong created a video and I think it’s world class. He used Sony Vegas and Photoshop to create the video. I’ve made the video page as easy to use as possible with as many possible video quality and sizes as I could allow without confusing visitors to the site too much. Both Windows and Mac users are catered for so that no-one is left out. There is also a DivX version as well for anyone who wants to see it in DVD quality.

Hillsong Weblogs

Hey if there are any fellow Hillsong weblog writers, let me and susan know about it and we will let you know when we are going to meet. Probably an informal get together somewhere in Sydney! Its a real opportunity to get together with like minded people who use technology to advance the Kingdom of God.

Moving soon

I will be moving soon,

As of next Monday, I will be living close to the heart of Sydney at Waterloo. I’m looking forward to getting out there and sowing into the life of Hillsong on the City side, It’s going to great to be in there permanently working on connecting people into the heartbeat of church life.