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Kaltura – Video Bloging from WITHIN WordPress admin!!

I have been testing Kaltura for the last few days, it’s pretty good and allows the user to very easily post video using a webcam right in the WordPress admin panel.

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USB High-Def Media Player from Western Digital – “WD TV HD Media Player”


Finally Western Digital has released the one device I have been waiting for for a long time.

Its really simple, the unit hooks up to your TV and will play HD Divx video from a supplied USB drive.

You can plug in two usb devices at the same time, and it appears to have an attractive graphical interface as well.

The biggest news is that it can play HD 1080p Divx video at the highest resolution your plasma or lcd can handle.

Western Digital WD TV HD Media player - Model WDAVN00BN

Western Digital WD TV HD Media player – Model WDAVN00BN

The unit is very compact and it’s pretty cost effective at USD$129.99

No word on when it’s available in Australia, hopefully soon!

If your doing searches for the product here is the Model number: WDAVN00BN

Click this link to purchase from Amazon:

WD TV Live Media Player

(Please note: this is an affiliate link to Amazon, and if you click it I will take a small slice out of the sale. If you’re not cool about this, feel free to go here without the affiliate link. Otherwise, it would be so sweet if you click my affiliate link! Either way, I’m happy to recommend great products that I have used on my website.)

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