WOW! – an section from

WOW! – an section from Cindy Jacobs prophecy for Australia and the South Pacific.

1. Australia is going to be a first fruits nation, an apostolic nation ? a sending out nation.
2. God was releasing/ is releasing the Anzac Light Horseman anointing especially upon the young people to take down the strongholds ? the Joshua anointing to take the land ? great courage, determination, persistence.
3. Australia will send out the greatest number of missionaries/capita.

4. Australia will be a nation that will help transform other nations (because despite what others have said, Aust not an ?ugly duckling? nation but a ?swan? nation.)
5. Evangelism ? The various ethnic groups in Australia ? not here by chance but by God?s appointment ? will go back to their own countries with the word of God to evangelise. This especially so of the Asian people. Many Australians will go too.
6. Australia would release much wealth to the Nations. God raising apostles to business for this nation. The super rich will be born again. God is going to use the giving of this Nation and the structure of apostles to business as a model for others.

7. Australia ? has a specific anointing as a reconciling nation.
8. Australia would be a nation walking in holiness ? the holiness movement is going to hit this land. Purity, righteousness, set apart for God. Especially is this going to hit the young people. A counter revolution of holiness and a counter culture will be established.
9. A merry heart nation ? great sense of humour, able to laugh at yourselves.

10. A great healing of the Vietnam vets is coming ? a healing of the soul of this nation concerning Vietnam
11. Prayer and healing rooms opened across this nation.
12. 24 hour churches ? prayer chapels at churches and universities/ schools. This will start to shift things in the heavenlies, the lost will get saved at 2,3 am in the morning.

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Well, I’m off the Sydney

Well, I’m off the Sydney for Christmas, much to the disapointment of my family. I think they will be ok. I’m looking forward to spending some time down there with a friend and seeing the sights. We plan on climbing onw of the three sisters on Christmas day so we are getting up nice any early so we can drive up do our hike, climb back down and enjoy a packed lunch at one of the BBQ areas. On Boxing day we’re going to check out Taronga Park Zoo and watch Lord of The Rings… I can’t wait to see it.

As for next year, it is getting so close now I can feel it. I have been looking forward to the opportunity to study now for a few years and I think God has really planted in my heart a desire to learn. Anyway, if anyone is listening, say a quick prayer for traveling mercies for me as I travel, I think I’m going to need it, driving 12 hours to Sydney is a long stretch for one person.

Hey, I’m back from Sydney,

Hey, I’m back from Sydney, and lucky for me I missed all the 41C tempratures up here in Brisbane. Funny thing is, all the heat has gone south, so now I have missed it in Sydney too.
Anyway, Sydney was fantastic, I really enjoyed spending time with friends and making new ones. In particular, I met one young lady who has a stong call to intercessory prayer on her life. I felt truly blessed to have communicated to her how I felt about the role of prayer within the wider church community and we both experienced a great degree of resonance in our conversation. I’m excited about next year, God is starting to show me the small part that I may play in finding and encouraging intercessors within my sphere of influence at Hills. I’m not sure how it will all turn out, and I know its not good to pre-empt Gods plans, but I’m looking forward to discovering not only all that he has in store for me, but how I can impact those around me.

Just watched “The Lord Of

Just watched “The Lord Of The Rings”… WOW, let me spell that backwards… WOW! I am amazed at how Peter Jackson has (seemingly) so effortlessly created this cinematic masterpiece. The sets were brethtaking, the dialogue riveting and the battlescenes enthralling. I am amazed, and deffinatly this years standout movie for me. The parallels between the bible and Tolkiens masterpiece are many, subtly crafted into a storyline that has formed the basis of Fantasy and Science-fiction for half a century. The similarities between Star Wars and LOTR are many as well, no doubt Lucas was a fan. In fact I would even be so bold as to say that Star Wars is pure fantasy. My reasoning is that Star wars could have been set in a Medieval time but still contain precisly the same plot. The essence of Star Wars is not in “Scince” but actually in a fable. Thats why so many people like Star Wars and not Star Trek, whereas Trekers are drawn to science, while fans of Lucas’ epic are drawn to the fable, not the science. Trekkers are of course drawn the the fable of Star Wars like any other movie with a good plot, but are also drawn to the science as well (though there is little of it, when you think about it, space and starships and storm trooper armour are mearly props and not essential to the story).
Ha! Just some thoughts about a masterpiece that I hope will help people to re-evaluate their destiny or “higher purpose” and find Jesus. Can someone find Jesus in this movie? … I hope so 🙂

Hi, I know its been

Hi, I know its been a while since I last sent a post to my site, but hey! Things have been mega busy with college. This last week I have been working at the Hillsong Womens Colour Conference here and Sydney, and I’m having a total blast! We have been very busy running around setting up all the coffee stations and food. I have even had my own small but very powerful team of students helping setup. I was so lucky to have Mark, Helen, Alan and Kety helping me and it was quite a humbling opportunity to lead these great people because any one of them could have led the team too. As well as helping catering for Colour, college has been going well. When I counted 12,000 words that I had to type for all my assignments (9 in total!), I nearly died! But I just need to consistently chugg away at them and hopefully I won’t fall into a weaping mess at the end of term when everything is due. Please pray for me that I can get it all done in time.